Enterprise Deployment

As far as enterprise deployment solutions go, you need to work with an Enterprise Software Systems expert that not only understands the involved technology being deployed, but also has the required in depth expertise on all the other associated processes. These may include user roles, IT platforms and functions, end-user readiness, and a number of other vital elements.

Maketick is completely capable of handling vast enterprise deployment solutions. We focus on a number of areas, including the required end products, the security issues involved, the software development process, taking into consideration all the expertise and knowledgebase that we have accumulated over the years.

We work on all the major enterprise solutions platforms, including the web and the traditional server and desktop settings for the SAAS Development Services model.

Maketick ensures that clients can cut down on the business risks. Maketick has core engineering teams that are instantly available for any unprecedented complications that may show up when moving applications from test environments into operational environments.

At Maketick we ensure that our end products are backed by extensive research hours, flawless security measures, high scalability, rigorous testing and the latest innovations in technology. This is what makes us stand apart and deliver our clients the highest ROI that they can expect.