By Product Engineering Expertise

At Maketick, we are devoted towards enhancing our client's ability and knowledge of the ever-developing technology platforms.
Product Engineering Expertise

Software Development

Software Product Development, basically, is the core of the Product Development Life Cycle (PDLC) model. In absence of software development, there would be no product.
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Documentation and Training

Technical documentation is a vital element for any software product. Maketick's efficient teams develop clear, well defined technical specifications for operations and maintenance manuals, user guides and support documentation, and even for marketing documents.
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Enterprise Deployment

Effective technology solutions require an in depth knowledge of the technology being deployed. At the same time, it demands knowledge of the related business processes, user roles, the IT landscape and functions, the underlying platforms being used, the end-user readiness, and a variety of other elements.
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Performance Engineering

Performance is the final word for everything. Therefore the success of a software product depends on how well it performs.
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Porting Applications

Porting applications play a significant role in the software development life cycle of numerous successful software products. Porting, basically, is a mode to open up new markets and adapt with new ecosystems.
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Some of the world's most recommendable technological advancements seemed very humble at their start. The challenges faced were simply overcome by extensive research by individuals and organizations.
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Technical Support

Technical support is vital for applications to perform successfully on the long run. Maketick offers technical support for budding and well established clients, including two types of end-user support models: committed and shared. Both support models include multiple communication channels, including emails, voice and web media.
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Testing and QA

Testing is a complicated process which demands operational and process knowledge. At Maketick, we are gifted with a team of highly skilled experts who have the required domain expertise for software testing and quality assurance.
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Usability Engineering

At Maketick, usability engineering is marked as the strategic differentiator for the future of software products. We realize totally that an 'easy usage approach' just does not happen. Instead, it must be engineered into a product. We also take it into consideration that the user interface 'is' in fact the product for the end user.
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