Modern entrepreneurs of present decade have a product vision that paves a new path of exploiting the power of web technology to communicate, cooperate, and share information. Similarly, organizations are getting real competitive advantage by employing collaborative technologies that are associated with different internal and external applications and IT Consulting Services.

In spite of the motivation – the challenges for a Web 2.0 organizer initiating a Social Networking Business or an Enterprise 2.0 decision maker are similar:

  • How to stay focused on the core business, and not get derailed by extensive technology options?
  • How do we choose between Web 2.0 collaboration technologies such as Asp.net, Ajax, flash web development, ruby programming or using flex developers?
  • How do we make sure what to build/buy/or whether to opt for open source?
  • Do we employ Liferay portal, build a custom portal using Drupal development or go for Alfresco content management? What will be the right framework architecture?
  • How will we be able to draw new customers/web users and hold on to existing ones?
  • How do we monetize our offering?
  • How to "go live" rapidly and cost effectively?

Maketick has been pondering over these issues for a long time. We have helped huge number of companies with all aspects of web infrastructure, technology, and development through our end-to-end Web 2.0 services.

With a large pool of competent engineers skilled in the foundational technologies of the web, i.e., Java, .NET, RoR, PHP, etc., Maketick is the first choice of many global technology brands in case of web 2.0 Software Product Development.

Maketick Offers You the Following IT Solutions:

  1. User Enablement and User Generated Content
  2. Web Analytics
  3. Search Technology
  4. Database Query Optimization, Caching
  5. Site Security Evaluation, Consulting
  6. Web as a Product Platform
  7. RIA
  8. Enterprise Tagging Software
  9. High Performance Web 2.0 Sites
  10. Enterprise 2.0 and SOA