Life Science Group

The Life Sciences group at Maketick offers its high expertise and efficient Enterprise Software Solutions to a number of organizations. This includes cancer institutes, leading universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnology research institutes, etc. Maketick has supported the Life Science industry by supplying advanced IT solutions in clinical informatics, instrument handling systems, and bioinformatics.

The Maketick team has demonstrated domain expertise and formulated reusable software elements. This has helped our team with rendering solutions to a number of vital services ranging from laboratory information management systems, data warehousing and integration solutions, visualization and analytics, regulatory compliance solutions, and so on.

Not only have we put in our efforts towards these areas, but we have also imparted our technical expertise and vast knowledgebase that we have accumulated over the years. This has shown our Life Sciences team a great success with the biological software development industry.

Maketick’s Life Science team is guided by Maketick’s Scientific Advisory Board, along with a number of industry experts in biology, instrumentation and chemistry.