The Internet has become a great tool to grow your business and enhance business operations further. This is why more and more companies are now moving towards Internet today. Security becomes a serious concern with the huge number of small and medium scale businesses and large scale enterprises on the internet. And its significance is growing every day.

Maketick Security Practice Group
Maketick's Security Practice Group Service Offerings for Enterprises and Competencies for ISVs

A security breach is probably one of the most hazardous situations for any business today. It can create various problems, including depreciation of brand reputation, loss of clients, legal issues and heavy financial losses, to name a few. Loss of trust on a brand will automatically switch your loyal clients and customers over to your competitors.

Maketick's Security Practice Group has good number of engineers with extensive years of domain expertise. Our Engineers from the Security Practice Group have shown expertise in engineering complex security solutions and secure engineering practices based on their vast knowledgebase of modern security trends and upcoming standards.

SPG displays a high level of expertise and skills on areas like

  • Data Loss Prevention (DLP)
  • Single-Sign On (SSO)
  • Authorization
  • RBAC
  • Federation
  • Multi-Factor Authentication
  • LDAP based solutions
  • Email security etc.

Security Solutions from Maketick
Maketick's Security Practice Group competencies span security domains

The SPG Offers the Following Categories of Services:

Security Consulting

  • Host Assessment and Network Penetration Testing
  • Information Technology Governance, Risk and Compliance (GRC)
  • CA Siteminder to OAM migration
  • Web Application Vulnerability Assessment
  • Secure Product Engineering

Domain particular offerings

  • Enterprise Directory Hardening
  • SaaS Security Assessment