Mobile Application Testing

Most of the enterprise mobility applications perform resource-intensive transactions that are critical to the business landscape. The key to quality enterprise-mobility solutions is separating the developmental and testing processes. Maketick, Inc. offers mobile application testing that reduces costs and increases the returns. Since the enterprise mobile application interfaces with external systems through HTTP or WAP, these applications pose several challenges in its operability on multiple platforms, network and hardware specifications, and Rapid Application Development (RAD). Maketick, Inc. deploys testing methodologies that is based on manual and automated testing platforms.

  • Using test automation: Executing testing manually is effort and time extensive. To expedite this testing process, Maketick utilizes automated testing process that yields quantifiable results.
  • Testing through emulators and original devices: We use emulators for testing enterprise mobile applications that are device-independent. The actual devices are used to validate the results.
  • Checking the complexity of application and mobile environment: The elaborate diversity in the mobile devices has made it necessary to incorporate White box testing including the compatibility and GUI tests.

With experience in testing of enterprise mobile applications that are distributed globally, Maketick focuses on verifying and validating the applications. Some apps have undetected performance issues, security, or stability problems. The testing team dedicatedly works to form an unbiased assessment of the application. During the development process, tracking bottlenecks becomes difficult. Maketick, Inc. monitors the developmental process wherein each issue is immediately identified, diagnosed, and eradicated completely. The problems are resolved at the unit level thereby removing the issue immediately.

With the increased popularity of mobile phones, it is important to test the applications to ascertain its success. For more details on the testing methodologies, contact