Enterprise Mobility Solutions

Enterprise Mobility Solutions create competitive advantages with the collaboration of people, products and technology to enable mobile computing in the context of the client’s business. Disseminating data, the mobility solution increases the productivity of the assets and the resources. It is a dynamic process that increases efficiencies, facilitates the accessibility of corporate information that creates a unified workforce, which enhances the overall output.

Maketick’s approach towards the Enterprise Mobility

Supporting the infrastructure of the client’s organization, Maketick, Inc captures the relevant information in real time to offer reliable access, anytime and anywhere. Deploying enterprise mobility, the following model presents an approach towards the Mobility Practice:

1. Architecture Assessment:


  • Evaluation of the present infrastructure of the client’s organization, to determine its inclination towards enterprise mobility
  • Proposing architectural amendments to facilitate the procedure of enterprise mobility.


  • Pool of senior architects with experience on large-scale enterprise systems for assessment.
  • Established proficiency in creating scalable architecture and mission critical systems. 

2. Architecture Readiness


  • To enable mobility readiness, changes are implemented in the existing system
  • For the mobile platform connectivity, scalable architectures should exist in the client’s organization.


  • Experience in niche server technologies, like dot net, Java, and PHP stacks
  • Diligent experienced offshore teams for corporative clients. 

3. Mobile Enablement


  • Defining the mobile strategy
  • Design, develop and QA of the mobile applications
  • Cross platform compatibility with cross-device application testing


  • Proficiency in all available smart-phone technologies including iPhone, Windows Mobile, Blackberry, Android, HTML5
  • Professional team of mobile testers with mobile testing labs and state-of-the-art equipments 

4. Support and Maintenance


  • Maintenance and support of mobile apps as well as existing systems
  • Compliant with upgrades, it is ensured that the mobile applications receives regular functional updates


  • Setting up of capable support teams for the enterprise system
  • Experience in upgrade gateways offered by varied mobile technologies.

Maketick develops Enterprise Mobility programs that would facilitate in business organizations to work more consistently, feasibly and swiftly. The effective management of information would assist in creation of a unified workforce that maximizes the return on investments.

Solutions and architecture enterprise mobility

Enterprise Mobility

Strength’s of Maketick

  • Providing a complete mobility lifecycle management and support solutions, Maketick provides applications operable on all major Smartphones and tablets with diverse solutions for on-premise and external hosting options.
  • Utilization of encrypted and compressed data to enable secure data handling and transference.
  • A single vendor for deploying and management of the mobile app, Maketick, Inc. oversees all the aspects, management and support of the solution.
  • Provides other initiatives with enterprise mobility applications like security evaluation, network design and management, mobile strategy consultancy, messaging and collaboration of solution and Cloud-based services etc
  • We provide Cloud-Computing facilities, conferring the enterprise mobility solution as a utility model for the client’s business.

Providing a flexible and scalable infrastructure, Maketick, Inc provides a framework that answers all the needs and requirements of the client’s organization. For more details on our resilient, dependable and robust solution, please contact info@maketick.com