Datawarehousing and Business Analytics

For the industrial or the business organizations, information and data are the two most important areas of concern. The organizations usually spend a large amount of the capital for storing data and information in the database. For this purpose, the organizations make use of the modern tools and advanced technology. However, if the data gets stored in the database, without any proper processing, then obtaining information from the database becomes a hard task. Data warehousing refers to the process of obtaining data from the various databases and developing a data storehouse, which can be used to create certain specific reports.

The creation of a datawarehouse includes the development of systems to obtain information from the already existent operating systems and the set up of a warehouse database system. The other purpose served by datawarehousing is that it lets the companies to have a view of the daily functional operations. It also makes easy the planning of well-etched out process. The data that is stored in the warehouse is updated on a regular basis. However, the study of the detail analysis and the reporting is more time consuming.

Most of the organizations also make use of the business analytics to arrive at a crucial decision based on the data. Business analytics refers to a methodological and repetitive approach related to the scrutinizing of the data of an entire enterprise with key focus on detail statistical analysis. It is particularly applicable for the owners of the business organizations, who need to have sound knowledge on their business performance that is dependent highly on the resultant statistics and the data. Thus this analysis of the business performance is crucial for the business organizations to learn about their progress rate. This task should only be performed by the business analyst.

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  • Enterprise reporting
  • Design of data warehouse
  • Re-engineering of data warehouse
  • Management of database
  • Migration of data
  • Amalgamation of data
  • Auditing of data
  • Applications integration of data warehouse
  • Data mining
  • Online analytical processing
  • Data transformation services
  • Development, validation and installation
  • 24X7 production support


  • Easy analysis and reporting of information
  • Enhanced analysis and reporting
  • Maintenance of all relevant business information
  • Enhancement of CRM system

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