Banking, Finance and Insurance Application Development

Banking, Finance and Insurance Web Development Solutions offered by Maketick provides expertise and quality service that exceed customer expectations. The client gets the flexibility to opt for an updated technology platform.

We are fully focused on smooth conversion and migration to modern platforms on data, logic and other core processes of your business. Over the years we have developed financial applications and have vast experience in web-enabling services.

Our Banking & Financial Services Solutions power up large financial organizations that include commercial banks, investment banks and credit card companies, to fulfill customer needs at an effective cost. Maketick's banking and financial services professionals are highly knowledgeable and are aware of the technologies that would create the competitive edge for the enterprise.

Solutions Offered:

  • E-banking and E-investment Solutions
  • E-trading solutions, including online trading portals, portfolio tracking sites, stock tickers etc
  • Enterprise Application Software
  • Onsite consulting and outsourcing services
  • Professional services, such as product testing, application/database performance tuning, and system management
  • Product enhancement and development
  • Re-engineering and integration of legacy systems
  • Securities Trading Systems – Development and Re engineering
  • Architecture Development
  • Application Maintenance and Production Support including Front Office Systems
  • Enterprise Application Integration
  • Help Desk Support
  • Customized Applications Development
  • Datawarehousing & Data Mining, including system design, support, and high-end

We have served a good number of clients that have proven their excellence in the financial sectors. We have proved our efficiency in the past and still continue to flourish in the field of Customer Relationship Management (CRM) tools and other customized applications.