Analytics and Data Infrastructure

To fit with an exponential growth in data produced by business processes, companies have invested hugely in constructing Datawarehousing facilities that store this data and makes it possible to be easily questioned. The technique of Data Modeling is also being adopted by organizations to clearly define the business needs. It is also referred to as a database modeling for the reason that a data model is employed in a database. But as a matter of fact, very few applications have an existence that in reality helps business users in their decision making. Analytics applications and data mining fill up this business requirement. A very prominent reason behind the low availability of such applications is because of the unique nature of every business. An in-depth knowledge of the business domain is required to construct these applications as well as experience in data mining algorithms.
Maketick has a vast experience of developing, Business Intelligence and Analytics, large-scale Data Warehousing solutions for some of the top organizations and ISVs globally.

Fully equipped with a vast competent team, including PhDs, Maketick presents its clientele base the most comprehensive portfolio of services across all aspects of OLAP, Data Mining, BI – ETL, Database Tuning, Predictive Analytics, Reporting and Dashboarding. Maketick has full competency in all aspects of Analytics and Business Intelligence solutions ranging from Reporting to Tools Assessment and Migration and Certification, with industry expertise in Web Analytics, Telecom, Life Sciences and Retail.