By Domain Based Expertise

Maketick offers domain based expertise in retail and business analytics, cloud, SAAS computing, data infrastructure and application development outsourcing.

Domain Based Expertise

Analytics and Data Infrastructure

The need to store and manage data has risen exponentially. This has made companies and organizations invest highly in Datawarehousing Solutions. Every successful datawarehousing product must be well equipped with tools that help with in-depth analytics. But very few products are able to meet the analytic requirements to the truest sense.
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Banking, Finance and Insurance Application Development

Maketick's Banking, Finance and Insurance Web Development Solution team has a vast domain expertise. We offer our clients the highest level of quality customer experience which works with clients in converting legacy IT infrastructure to updated technology platforms.
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Enterprise Mobility

As an organization, there is an immense requirement for considering your IT Overhead Costs rather than simply paying attention on how you can increase your employee productivity. A mobile workforce makes it possible for companies today to see increased productivity without having to add to the support systems.
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Life Science Group

Maketick's Life Science Group has used its extensive experience and expertise in providing very useful and vital IT Solutions to various institutes and organizations. These include leading universities, pharmaceutical and biotechnological industries, cancer research centers, and much more.
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Business Analytics & Datawarehousing

Every organization, be it small, medium or large, need to handle and process a huge amount of data successfully. This necessity has grown with time. Today businesses spend a large chunk of their capital on Business Intelligence, Analytics and Datawarehousing solutions in order to stay well equipped with information in today's competition.
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Enterprise Security Solutions

With almost every organization utilizing the internet and online resources, security has become a very vital issue to be considered. A security breach not only affects an organization financially, but it may have a considerable effect on a company's reputation and brand image.
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WEB 2.0 & Enterprise Collaboration

Every modern entrepreneur understands the importance of the internet and the web 2.0 platform. This paves a new path, exploiting the power of web technology to communicate, co-operate and share information and knowledge.
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