Service Offerings

Maketick Inc. has earned the reputation as a one-stop service provider to challenges related to product development, product life-cycle management and in turn attempts to ensure the goal of enterprise mobility.

We understand the exact areas that need the highest attention, planning and management for successful accomplishment of the product development as well as management objective. While most of our competitors specialize in certain categories of product development and management as a service, we have figured out correct how customers can enjoy comprehensive benefits along with specialized touch on each department of product development, in turn enjoying the goal of enterprise mobility.

Considering multivarious requirement that our clients love to enjoy from us, we have planned and categorized our service offerings in a manner that the overall goal of enterprise mobility is fulfilled.

Here follows an overview of the service that Maketick has to offer:

  • Cloud Computing: Cloud computing is the platform that not only defines the future of communication and technology but also boosts enterprise mobility by fostering innovation and managing challenges.
  • Software Management and Testing: Our software management and testing is an integral part of the product development and management objective. Through this service, we ensure that our final product is capable of providing customers with perfect benefit in any given real-time and simulated environment.
  • BI and Analytics: Maketick’s BI and analytics service is aimed at helping modern business organizations and enterprises with the creation of data warehouse and insightful business analytics. We deploy state-of-the-art technology and latest methodology to ensure the desired service.
  • Enterprise Mobility: The solutions, concerning enterprise mobility, we offer at Maketick are aimed at helping our customers receiving competitive edge and a better window of opportunity, allowing them enjoying the benefits of mobile computing for running the operation smoothly.
  • Security: Maketick Inc. provides a great deal of attention to security issues, associated with the complex information technology framework. We offer an array of security services that comprehensively cover all steps of product development and life cycle maintenance.
  • Multi Platform App Development: With multi platform application development service, Maketick aims at helping customers to reach out for a wider and more knowledgeable customer base. Our applications are fully functional on various mobile platforms and help you to keep in touch with your customer base even on the go.
  • Collaboration: At Maketick, we have created enterprise level collaborative platforms that help our clients to consult about problems, deploy newer marketing strategies and establishing quality source of communication that ultimately lead to mutual growth and prosperity.
  • Industries: Maketick Inc. aims at providing comprehensive IT solution to the overall industrial domain only to help them enjoying the actual benefits of enterprise mobility. Accordingly, we cater our services and solutions to organizations, hailing from a wide assortment of industrial domains.

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