Rolling DaaS (Desktops-as-a-Service) to Pump up Enterprise Mobility All the Way

The analysis of Gartner Research on upcoming technological advancements that IT and Outsourcing industry is about to embrace shows that HVDs or Hosted Virtual Desktops are drawing all the attention, leaving behind rest of the technological advancements, associated to this field. The advent of HVDs or cloud-hosted desktops marks a sharp decline of the traditional notion that remained in fashion for years. The industry believed that this technology belongs to niche level customers and only a few service providers (MSPs) have the competence to deliver it from external sources. The literal rolling and swift popularization of DaaS (Desktops-as-a-Service), more technically referred as cloud-hosted virtual desktops, suggests that in the forthcoming years all companies that are parts of the IT and Outsourcing industry will use this technology. Simultaneously, DaaS will empower the very idea of enterprise mobility like never before.

desktop as a service

Why DaaS Took So Long to Come on Top?

The wide acceptance of Daas was delayed due to several reasons, namely:

  • High installation and maintenance cost
  • Bad user experience
  • Lack of network latency or speed of the network
  • Uncertainty about reliability of the cloud-hosted desktops
  • Non-availability of competent sources and service providers that will make the experience with DaaS smooth and hazard free

Thankfully, the days, when customers had to deal with these problems on a regular basis, are behind. Not only has the number of competent players in the market increased but also, respectively they have furnished their service providing skills further, in order to expand their market shares. Ultimately, these changes have helped customers in receiving improved performance from service providers in terms of data storage and management, creating data backup, better security measures and upgrading the overall architecture from time to time. According to a recent analysis, the DaaS outsourcing market values around $30 billion and it is expected that with every 1% expansion the overall scenario will receive the boost of around $300 million. Clearly, the process of DaaS, coming on top, was just a matter of time and the future of enterprise mobility, especially of the IT and Outsourcing industry, will largely depend on this.

The DaaS Impact on SMBs and Beyond:

DaaS or Desktops-as-a-Service became popular through small or mid-size businesses (SMBs), especially those that wish to deliver users with the benefits that VDI (virtual desktop infrastructure) have to offer. However, application and reach of DaaS was getting limited as in many cases the SMBs found that the cost of establishing the total infrastructure is becoming too high for them, due to the soaring budgeting and staffing rate. However, the situation is changing since the time enterprise IT and Outsourcing has taken interest into it. The initial cost of DaaS implementation may be high but in the long run it offers several benefits that outweighs the initial expenditure, namely:

  • Exceptional mobility to employees that quickens the entire operation.
  • Enabling the BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) programs, which allows employees of an organization to use their personal mobile devices and use them as mediums to access confidential information and application, belonging to the company, in a risk-free manner.
  • DaaS helps a company to overcome the common security and compliance issues that employees may encounter while working on a personal device in an office environment.
  • Ultimately, the entire process becomes significantly cost-effective. Additionally, a virtual desktop requires much lesser investment compared with a traditional PC, as the former one has greater longevity, lower power consumption and operates without local drive support.

DaaS – Boosting Enterprise Mobility, Shaping the Future of Business:

Enterprise Mobility

Quite in contrast to the earlier times, business in modern scenario has changed a lot. Business, today, is dynamic in truest sense of the term – thanks to the advent of mobile technologies. Quite naturally, the requirement of clients and customers has changed drastically to their preferred service providers. The organizations, thus, need to reshape themselves in ways that address such demands at anytime, anywhere. The whole idea of enterprise mobility is focused on achieving this goal most conveniently. The long-term benefits that DaaS (Desktops-as-a-Service) has to offer, perfectly comply with the objectives of Enterprise Mobility. More the modern organizations will opt for DaaS, more the chances of success will open up, as they will be able to satisfy their customers’/clients’ requirement to the best way possible. At the same time, the ideal of Enterprise Mobility will also receive the perfect boost that will help in ensuring overall growth and prosperity of the IT and Outsourcing industry.

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