Revelation of Oracle’s Error

Recently there have been some issues related to the Oracle flagship database software. There was a high probability of this issue having a great adverse impact on the database systems of the Oracle but fortunately it did not. However, with today’s improved and advanced technologies it is also possible to recover the systems that have been affected, if required.

Oracle Database Error

This flaw of Oracle could have been responsible for attacks on the customer database of the Oracle. The databases that are interconnected could also have been prone to high risk threats.

According to a close source of the Oracle organization, “This is a very real problem for us. We’re spending considerable time and money to monitor, plan, and address it where we can.”

The essence of this issue is Oracle’s System Change Number (SCN). It is an integral part of the database operational functions of this organization. The “time stamp of the SCN is the prime aspect as far as the consistency in database is concerned.  It lets the databases to offer a quick response to the query of its users and provides for the correct version of the data at all times.

Oracle thus needs to adopt the necessary measures to prevent such flaws in the future.

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