Responsibilities of an HR Manager

Human Resource management is an integral part of an organization. This is the first lane through which talent flows in an organization. An HR manager has a big responsibility in this whole process. Based on the stature of an organization HR manager may have extended responsibilities.

Larger organization leads to a wide range of responsibilities in the shoulder of an HR manager. Human Resources staff members are like advocates who are there for both the company and the employees working over there. The quality of an efficient HR comes out through his potential to balance his acts to meet the both ends needs successfully.

The evolving scenario of Human Resources Role

Human Resource Management has been always evolving and always rolling towards a brighter aspect. Over the years the function of an HR professional is under change always. Just few years back HR managers were seen as the organizing, patrolling arm of executive management. The role pinned to their profile mainly comprised of personal and administrative functions that were nothing more than just paperwork’s in the opinion of organization.

HR functionalities are depended upon an organizations administrative and financial department totally. It is basically depended on these as employing employees, paying employees, and dealing with benefits of the organization’s first HR needs acts more or less upon it.

In true sense HR professional served executive agendas well but was always viewed by the employees of an organization as a hurdle in their path. A thought started to startle the mind of the employees that a minimum level of decentralization of power is needed from the HR department to avoid the prevalent loopholes, as sometimes this concentration of power may lead to biased decisions.

Modified HR Role

Desperate time leads to desperate moves and this has totally been the voice of modern times HR management policy. The role of a manager must keep on modifying depending upon the requirements of his/her organization. Prosperous organizations are becoming more adjustable, lively, and customer-oriented.

Also adding to all these the HR manager still is incorporated with the jobs of looking after the employees benefits, payroll, employee paperwork etc.

Depending on the stature of an organization, the HR manager has to perform duties for wide areas comprising of the following, in brief:-

  • Recruiting of staffs.
  • Training.
  • Organization Development.
  • Communication.
  • Performance Management.
  • Policy Recommendation.
  • Salary and Benefits.
  • Team Building.
  • Employee Relations.
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