Product Reengineering

Core to the development of products, Maketick, Inc. offers proven migratory methods for the subsequent modifications. Product Reengineering is “examination and alteration of systems to reconstitute it in a complete new form.”

Benefits of Product Reengineering

Rather than approaching the radical evolution of software development, product reengineering presents two key advantages:

  • Less Risky: Redeveloping software involves risks. There may be errors, bugs, and related developmental problems.
  • Cost Effective: The entire expenditure in product reengineering is substantially less than the costs of developing new software programs.

Maketick, Inc. redesigns the software to reduce redundancy and thereby enhance the performance of the process. The client’s organization may need product reengineering when it is unable to scale the business functionality and any changes accommodated by maintenance are insufficient.

While engineering new software starts with design, and system specification, product reengineering is implementing on the existing system and amending the original program present. Maketick, Inc. restructures the data for the system in the process. The following are the phases of product reengineering:

  • Source Code Translation: First, the technicians of Maketick convert the old programming language to the updated version of the same language or to a more usable language.
  • Reverse Engineering: The existing program is evaluated to extract relevant information that would help in retaining organization and functionality.
  • Program Structure Improvement: The control framework of the program is modified to a more readable infrastructure.
  • Data Reengineering: The data is processed further to include in the program so that changes are reflected.
  • Acceptance Testing

Maketick, Inc. initializes product reengineering to examine, analyze and alter the existing program and convert it to something that yields appropriate results.

Some offerings of Maketick, Inc.

Maketick, Inc. provides a wide array of services, which includes the reengineering, porting and migration. The following are some of our services:

  • Transitioning the Mac OS apps to run on Intel-based Macs natively: Intense computing needs are forcing companies for apps to migrate into Intel based Mac. Maketick’s experience makes this transition smooth.
  • Porting of applications etc.: Porting is the editing of the software or hardware to enable working in different platforms. Maketick ensures the porting is seamless so that an unprecedented user experience can be ascertained.
  • Migration of apps from Windows to Mac, Mac OS 9 to Mac OS X etc.
  • Re-constructing legacy applications utilizing different niche technologies.

Maketick, Inc. is equipped to attend the needs of the customer and coupled with experience, and expertise, we are prepared to address all types of challenges. For more information, please contact