Pep up your Shopping Cart for Good!

The first thing that always attracts my attention in an e-commerce portal is the shopping cart that acquires quite a modest position in the website. I feel shopping cart plays the most important role in a shopping portal that can make all your answers seem gotcha’. With a bit of style and spice, the shopping carts can do wonders to your website. Lets see what can be the possible and easiest way of attracting shoppers and keeping them glued to a website. Shopping cart is one of the most important icons in a shopping portal. It can make or break the image of a website. It’s human nature to get bored with things that do not change. So why not try an innovative design for your shopping cart! This will confuse the shoppers and hence would attract them even more. And if your designer can create magic with the shopping cart, your website would stand apart from the rest.

  • Let it be ‘Shopping Cart’ and nothing else. If changed, the term may cause a lot of confusion which, may prevent shoppers from going to your website. It has been noticed that the confused shoppers most of the times run away from the website and you would definitely not like the same thing to happen to your website…right?
  • Shoppers are always apprehensive of commitments. When the websites highlight the ‘Buy’ button, it seems to be a huge decision which the shoppers feel have been imposed on them and they don’t like to be hurried into. Try naming the ‘Buy’ button as something else like some of the websites have already done like “Add To Wish List” or “Add To Cart”.
  • Arrange for a display that would be shown constantly at the side of the website showcasing the items already added to a shopper’s cart. This way the shoppers won’t have to click on the shopping cart icon every time they want to view the items present in their cart.
  • Usually while adding an item to the shopping cart, the shoppers are shown the list of items recommended by the website. This irritates the shoppers most of the time. It would be better if you could suggest the recommended item after the selected product has already been added to the cart by the shopper.
  • I feel irritated and I’m sure most of you do, to register before selecting an item and add it to my shopping cart. I mean c’mon you cannot force me to register if I don’t want to! This, trust me, makes most of the shoppers run from a e-commerce website.
  • I feel it would be more convenient for the shoppers if there is simple ‘Add’ and ‘Remove’ buttons beside each item. This would prevent the long process of the shopper going to theagain and change the quantity to zero if he/she wants to remove an item.
  • Try and use some other means of instructions for the users besides having them just written on the website as most of the e-shoppers tend to overlook the written instructions.
  • Position the ‘Update’ button somewhere readily visible rather than putting it at the bottom of the shopping cart. This will help the shoppers to locate it easily.
  • Most of the e-commerce websites ask for all personal and billing details of the shoppers even before they are asked for the total cost of the items added to the shopping cart. Most of the shoppers tend to change their mind after they get to know the total price and thus they don’t want to give out their personal details to the websites before they find out the total price.
  • The privacy policy of your shopping portal should be prominently displayed as one has to remember, it is security that the shoppers are concerned about.
  • If a certain item is not available, it is better to let the shopper know that at the very beginning. E-shoppers tend to form a negative notion about the portal if they come to know about the unavailability of the items while checking out.
  • Try to keep the shopping cart as simple as possible. The more it’s complicated the more it confuses the shoppers.

To start with I feel these changes, if introduced to your e-commerce portal, can make it stand apart from the rest. If you have any other suggestions in terms of re-designing a shopping cart then please let me and others in my network know.

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