Nail it with Ruby On Rails !!!

Hi everyone… I went across a wonderful article that said how a programmer can save time using the Ruby programming language which is in itself a wonderful time saving tool ! Doesn’t it feel great to have a programming language that is more productive than JAVA or DOT-Net which lets you have as much fun you want rather than loosing your head over the language?

Well well you must be curious why I said that…? Ok, let me now tell you why am I ready to use Ruby on Rails rather than any other programming language.

  • Ruby on Rails is a framework which makes it a lot easier to develop, deploy, and maintain web applications than the other existing programs.
  • Its architecture is just wow! Ruby on Rails is based on MVC framework. While developing you can find that there’s a place for each piece of code, and all the pieces of your applications are interacting a standard way. It’s as If you start out with the skeleton of an application already prepared.
  • Rails application is written in Ruby, which is a modern, fully object-oriented scripting language. It is concise without being unintelligibly crisp. One can express his/her ideas naturally and cleanly in Ruby code. This has leaded to the creation of programs that are easy to write and equally to read months later.

The style of programming in Ruby is familiar to Lisp coders. The language makes it much easier to create methods that act almost like extensions to the syntax.

The best part of it is that developing a web application in Rails much faster than developing same web applications in other frameworks. Moreover, you don’t have to deal with endless bugs while developing in Rails.

What else can a developer ask for? And why wait either…?

I would love to know more about Ruby on Rails, if you have more to say…Stay tuned for more! :)

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