Microsoft Surprisingly Shows Interest in Hadoop and Big Data

Microsoft has resorted to Apache Hadoop as the core of the strategy related to the big data. Apache Hadoop is known to be a software framework that helps in the running of the applications on huge clusters that have been created with the help of commodity hardware. It is also spending a huge amount of capital so that the JavaScript emerges to be the best language as far as the big data is concerned.

Apache Hadoop

This organization is thus making it possible for the customers to have easy access to the ecosystem of the Hadoop. It is thus also in a way helping the customers to take benefit of the wide array of services offered by the developers of the Hadoop. Hadoop also allows the easy removal and adding of the servers.

The distribution based on Hadoop offered by Microsoft makes it an easy affair for the customers to obtain information related to business on the unstructured data as well as the structured data. This new information can also be blended easily with the Business Intelligence Platform of this organization.

This firm is planning to extend its support of the Hadoop framework with the latest Windows Server distribution and the Windows Azure as well.

This organization is also adopting measures so that Hadoop makes an advent into the organizations as the most suitable solution.

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