Microsoft offers to iPhone Users 25GB of Cloud Storage

If the other cloud storage devices, such as the Box, iCloud, Amazon and the, does not appeal to you, the best option available now is the SkyDrive. Microsoft has just launched the SkyDrive for the iPhone, known to be the cloud storage and the document collaboration service of the company. It lets you to upload and store. The other interesting features of the SkyDrive are that it allows you to upload and share documents, pictures and videos with your acquaintances, creation of new folders and managing as well as accessing of files, which have been uploaded to the cloud.

SkyDrive iOS

Microsoft also offers iOS applications for Messenger, Skype, and Hotmail, OneNote and Bing and all are in complete sync with the SkyDrive. “We have a long history of supporting iPhone customers with built-in support for Hotmail and with apps like Bing, Messenger, OneNote (with SkyDrive sync), and now Skype’’ said Mike Torres, the Group Program Manager of SkyDrive (Devices and Roaming).

SkyDrive would definitely also be liked by you for the reason, that when you sign up for Microsoft, it offers you maximum free space that is 2GB of free storage, which you can make use of as per your own wish. Therefore it is the most viable option as the offers only two gigabytes, whereas the iCloud Amazon and the offer only five gigabytes.

Mike Torres, wrote that “We view device access as ‘table stakes’ for personal cloud storage,”. He also wrote. “People are choosing where to put their files based on how portable and accessible they are across the various devices they use; therefore, it’s critical that we continue to extend the SkyDrive experience to the devices you use every day.”

SkyDrive works in accordance with the iPod and the iPad touch and also requires the iOS. Microsoft has also incorporated the SkyDrive service into the Windows Phone 7.5.

Therefore, if you need to increase your cloud storage space, then don’t let go off this opportunity.

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