Microsoft and Hortonworks venturing out to link Hadoop and Excel!

Are you a frequent Excel user? Then you got to read this piece of information. Excel users can now download and evaluate output straight away from Hadoop since Microsoft is all set to design a connector that will potentially give access to the open source data processing system to a wide base of audiences.

Open source data processing system

Microsoft has already started working on this project in collaboration with HortonWorks which is the by-product of Yahoo associated with the commercial support as well as distribution services of Hadoop.

According to the CTO of Hortonworks, Mr. Eric Baldeschwieler, “What makes this announcement significant is that Microsoft is opening up Apache Hadoop to literally millions of new users. There are many more millions of Excel and PowerPivot users that can now derive value from Apache Hadoop using software that is already very familiar to them.”

Among the many Hadoop related open-source undertakings, Hortonworks and Microsoft officially announced about this ‘connector-project’ at the O’Reilly Strata Data Conference on Tuesday, an event held in Santa Clara, California. Last year, both the companies came under a pact adapting Hadoop to the Windows ecosystem.

Hortonworks and Microsoft are also venturing out possibilities of a JavaScript framework, that will enable programs based on JavaScript to explore Hadoop data. Along with that, both the concerns are even working on a sequence of patches meant for the Hadoop core that will facilitate the software to be run on Windows Server.

The connector is going to be an Online Database Connector (ODBC) that will work together with Hadoop by means of the Hive data warehouse system. Downloaded data from Hive in Excel can be assessed by utilizing powerful tools like Excel PowerPivot.

Hortonwork’s Vice-President for corporate strategy, Mr. Shaun Connolly stated via email, “Microsoft’s ODBC driver for Hive is something they’ve built so that Excel, Power Pivot and other Microsoft tools can connect to Hadoop (via Hive) more easily. Hortonworks is focused on working with Microsoft to bring this technology into open source so it can be more widely available to and used by the Apache Hadoop community,”

Shaun further added that the JavaScript framework will too follow suit as far as its development plan is concerned. Products manufactured under the brand name of Microsoft follow a distinct core platform while Hortonworks modify them for extensive use.

As of now both the JavaScript framework as well as the connector are not available but are slated for future release as open source mechanisms, concluded by Connolly.

By now, Microsoft is engaged into the uphill task of embedding Hadoop into its ecosystem. The concern has even launched a Hadoop connector for SQL server and also provides superior connectivity of Hadoop over its Azure cloud services, presently as a developer sample.

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