McAFee and SaaS Total Protection Service Issues

McAFee is of the expectation that it would be able to offer a solution for the two problems that have emerged by this Thursday. The problem is related to the services associated with the SaaS Total Protection antimalware. Customers or clients sign up for the SaaS Total Protection service as it comprises various beneficial features such as antivirus scans, antispam services and firewall. All these run in the data centers of the McAfee.

McAFee and SaaS Total Protection

One of the security problems related to the SaaS Total Protection includes the wrongful use of the Actovex control for the purpose of the execution of the code. The other issue is related to the problem of spam. However, MacAfee claims that these problems do not have any adverse affect on its other services or products.

It has been stated by McAFee in a blog that “The second issue has been used to allow spammers to bounce off of affected machines, resulting in an increase of outgoing email from them,”. The organization also mentioned in the blog that “Although this issue can allow the relaying of spam, it does not give access to the data on an affected machine. The forthcoming patch will close this relay capability.”

However, McAfee needs to remain careful about its services and products.

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