Look Out for New Mobile Technologies in 2012

The foray of the new mobile applications and the advanced mobile features has brought about a significant change in the lives of people. It has enhanced the business functional operations, high end delivery of solutions and customer relationship as well. According to the Acquity Group, a Digital Marketing Company, there has been a 210 percent increase in the area of web browsers in the past year.

Mobile application development

New technologies and applications are being squeezed into the mobile phones. Thus the use of the mobile handset device is ever increasing and this trend would be highly prevalent in 2012 as well. Thus this year would witness a reduction in the use of desktop computers for web browsing purpose as well as for the performance of other tasks as well. Web browsing has proved to be a pleasurable experience with the use of mobile devices.

Thus the mobile application development companies or the mobile development companies needs to be well prepared to meet the high demands of the customers. The developers should make sure of the fact that the mobile applications developed are able to function across various platforms and varied devices. They should also adopt innovative and strategic measures to ensure high business profit revenues.

Enterprises would encourage the use of mobile devices to have access to any kind of information within a quick span of time. Thus it would also compel the organizations or the enterprises to give utmost importance to the aspect of safety and security of the enterprise information.

According to Sandy Shen, the Research Director of Gartner, “Mobile applications will be a highly competitive marketplace that attracts the interest of many stakeholders,”. He also said, “Increasingly, mobile applications will define the user experience on high-end devices and device vendors that proactively integrate innovative apps and technologies at the platform layer will have the competitive edge.”

According to a recent estimation, the market of the mobile handset devices would be dominated by the tablets and the Smartphones. The tablets as well as the Smartphones are dependent on the Android operating system of the Google and the mobile operating system of the Apple. Android accounted for 52.5% of market share in the third quarter of the past year. Microsoft accounted for only 1.5% of market share and Symbian of Nokia accounted for 16.9% of the market share.

New advanced versions of Apple’s iPad handset devices and the flagship iPhone would get introduced to the world this year. There would also be an increase in the number of users as far as Tablets are concerned. It would be the most opted for device by the teenagers, college goers, budding professionals as well as the experienced individuals.

Searching and location of any information would also be a much simple affair with the modern mobile devices.

This year would also witness the increased use of the HTML5 to build new mobile applications. It allows the development of rich mobile as well as web applications. It could be said in other words that it’s an emerging trend. The most advantageous aspect of the Html 5 is that with this feature the features related to modern web applications are available in all the major mobile web browsers.

Various sectors such as, Health, Lifestyle, Education, Entertainment, Lifestyle, Travel, Business are making use of the mobile technology for their own needs as well as to perform varied tasks.

Therefore 2012 would witness a significant change primarily in the area of mobile application development.  New mobile trends and technologies that would take the world by surprise would also evolve in this year.

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