Load Balanced Data Centers: Not the Ideal Solution

Load balancing refers to the method related to the distribution of the service requests or the processes across all the devices prevalent within a single network. It also adverts to the distribution of the all incoming requests related to the HTTP across all the web servers existent within the server farm, to prevent the server from getting loaded with excess load.

Load Balanced Data Centers

The providers of cloud services are making use of the load-balanced data centers to recover from any kind of disaster. Organizations are opting for private clouds, which are all load balanced as far as their datacenters are concerned, to provide support in times of adversity. If one of the datacenters is trying to cope up with any adverse situation, functional capability of the other data center also gets reduced but it is still able to function in the correct way.

Minor changes in the configuration can create trouble for the load-balanced data center.  If there is a virus in the software or if there the hardware has any error, then there is the possibility of collapse of the data centers.

It can be stated that the load-balanced data centers does not provide any protection against the configuration error made by humans. Thus these data centers are not the ideal as far as recovery from any disastrous situation is concerned.

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