Linux Mint Releases Its New Improved Version Linux Mint 14 “Nadia”

Newest version of the Linux Mint 14, or code named “Nadia” was made available to fans on November 20, 2012. The new version comes loaded with features including the Linux kernel version 3.5

The Linux operating system gained popularity for its ease of use on all kinds of devices. A Unix like operating system, Linux is a computer operating program assembled under the model of free and open source software development. Originally created as a free operating system for the Intel x86 based computers, it has been ported to many other computer hardware platforms since then. The defining component is the Linux kernel.

The Linux Mint is the operating system based on Ubuntu (based on Linux) which also contains features that are lacking in Ubuntu. Free and a open source software, the operating system Linux Mint comes with a host of applications like Thunderbird, XChat, Firefox, GIMP, etc. There are software and application Product Development Companies who use Linux Mint actively to develop software systems for the operating system. The development process is done in Python (programming language) and the code is available with GitHub. Having multiple versions based on Ubuntu, the latest Linux Mint 14 or code named “Nadia” was launched on November 20, 2012.

Many technological reporters stated that there was a sudden rise of Linux releases this fall. After the release of the much-exaggerated Ubuntu 12.10 “Quantal Quetzal” last month, the Linux Mint 14 was unveiled this month. With claims of capitalizing on the upstream technology since the launch of Linux Mint 11, the newer version contains an impressive list of features, stability and refined desktop experience. Canonical ensured that the Ubuntu release came furnished with features as an operating system. The Linux Mint on the other hand keeps its parent’s compatibility and flexibility attributes all the while taking a more traditional approach for its interface. The Linux Mint 14 has the following features:

The Spin Cycle:

The Linux Mint also comes with semiannual releases as the Ubuntu. It is equipped with the same long-term support. The last release, “Maya,” was based on the Ubuntu 12.04 LTS and came with support packages until April 2017. “Nadia” will be supported until April 2014, however, its newer versions will be available sooner than their expiry date.

Assessing the Cover:

It is devised with choice of two graphical shells and none of them is Unity. The preferable is MATE, a bifurcation of stalwart GNOME 2 shell. The MATE is cleaner with user-friendly interface, which provides maximum compatibility.

The other option is Cinnamon that is based on 3D acceleration, which is flashier and more modern. Forked from GNOME 3, the development pace of this shell is faster and flux of features more feasible. The Linux version is also available with KDE and XFCE desktop environments.

Improved Nadia:

The new version features both the shell options for the desktop and the Cinnamon is loaded with attributes. It has improvements to its file browsers, workspace management area and notification applet. The display manager, MDM, comes with new theme abilities and improved switch user options with support for user pictures for logging in.

The Nadia is also equipped with operating system’s update system. The Software Manager come with debconf support and is built with root elevation. This enables broadening of its scope of packages that is involved and frees the user to enter the password at every installation.

Reasons to Try Nadia:

Cinnamon 1.6

MATE 1.4

1.Cinnamon 1.6: Bifurcated from GNOME 3, the shell offers transitional option between GNOME 2 and GNOME 3. The newer version comes with more than 800 upgrades and yet is more stable than all its predecessors are.

2.Mate 1.4:In the recent version of the MATE, the shell is offered with host of improvements, which includes Bluetooth, bug fixes, etc.  The new MATE 1.4 not only is better than the GNOME 2 but also provides the necessary missing features.

3.MDM:The first version came with Linux Mint 13 “Maya” and in Nadia, the MDM supports GDM2 themes. It also contains added features for enhancing support to the users.


4.System Improvements: In Linux Mint 14, the MintStick has been replaced by the USB Image Writer. Gedit 2.30 has been replaced with Gedit 3 and thereby the users are provided with a more stable and mature alternative.

5.Upstream Components: Along with the MATE 1.4, Ubuntu 12.10, and Cinnamon 1.6 the Linux Mint 12 also comes with the Linux kernel version 3.5.

It is available for free download in its website.

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