Lessons for Online Businesses Ahead of the Christmas

The Holiday season is approaching. Everyone has started relishing the relaxing ambiance. Everyone … except online business owners and webmasters of eCommerce sites. As the online businesses continue to become popular, the actual extent of their busyness reflects most prominently during this time. Virtual service providers may differ from their traditional counterparts in many ways but they share a few fundamental similarities, namely market research, attending customer preference and equipping with the changing online shopping trends.

With the advent of smartphone culture and social media platforms, several newer practices, in terms of understanding customer preferences, have come to fashion. Here follows some of the key findings that web-based business owners should take into consideration for making the best use of strategic measures during the remaining days until this Christmas and many others that will follow.

Changes Your Online Business Should Have Before Holiday

The List of Lessons:

Lesson #1: Promote your business at the right time and address the largest audience

A latest survey has shown that:

  • Over 54% customers use the gap between Cyber Monday and the week before the Christmas to complete their shopping.
  • Over 19% of customers prefer to be done with shopping before Thanksgiving; interestingly the numbers of shoppers on this occasion are almost double of those who do the purchasing on Black Friday and Cyber Monday.
  • With Black Friday and Cyber Monday in a ring, the former one is twice ahead of the latter in terms of customers’ preference as a better occasion to do shopping.

Lesson #2: Understand your customer from purchasing behavior

The same survey has presented interesting findings over customers’ purchasing behavior, such as:

  • Almost 32% of all your targeted customers prefer online shopping destinations to complete almost half of the entire purchase they have planned.
  • Almost 60% of all online customers prefer to spend the same amount as that of the last year. 30%, on the other hand, go beyond exceed the limits of their last year’s expenditure and the remaining intend to spend even lesser that that of the former year.

Lesson #3: Shifting your entire focus on smartphone traffic and conversion may not be as effective as assumed

The inception of smartphone culture is one of the most interesting turning points in the course of gradual online business and eCommerce development. While mobile device impact on the virtual domain of business has created excellent opportunities for web marketers, on the other hand, shifting focus entirely on mobile traffic may not be good for business – at least for now. The following points will explain it to you:

  • Only 10% of smartphone and other mobile device users are in favor of depending on mobile apps for online shopping.
  • Over 50% users prefer to use search on mobile devices in the same way as they do in desktops.
  • Only 18% users vote for convenience of search in mobiles, thanks to the voice search facility; whereas, more than 60% users find it difficult to search for the desired product on mobile device.
  • No less than 35% say ‘no’ to online shopping via mobile, as they find it harder than desktop.

Lesson #4: Generate more traffic and conversion from mobile along with desktop visits

Those, who will strike the balance between desktop and mobile conversions, will dominate the online market. Several issues still need business owners’ attention before they attract most visits from mobile devices or stay on top of users’ preference. Here follows the issues:

  • Determine the right price for your online products and services over retail stores
  • Having an exclusive app for your virtual store is a great way to attract traffic as most customers find it irritating to search with your domain name.
  • Many of your targeted customers consider it is mandatory for a website to load quickly in mobile for their convenience with purchasing. They are not wrong.
  • Make your website mobile friendly (according to the recent data, only 10% websites are designed with specific attention to mobile-friendliness)


If you business website doesn’t yet reflect positive outcomes of the above-mentioned lessons, then you are left only with a few days to do what’s possible for optimizing traffic, conversion and brand-building. In fact, this brand-building part is very important. Hopefully, this will not be the final holiday season that your website will witness. Change whatever you can, effectively, within the time you are left. Make sure the implementation is flawless or your business will be affected further. Once all the haste is gone, take your time, continue with rest of the improvement and in the next Christmas start ahead of your competitors.

Information Source Credit: http://goo.gl/iNUl5v

Image Credit: americanlivewire.com/

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Darpan Ghosh

Sr. Web Content Developer at Maketick Inc.
Darpan Ghosh is the Senior Web Content Developer at Maketick Inc., a supreme IT, eCommerce service and consultation provider, based in Silicon Valley, California. He is a web-marketing enthusiast, with particular attention to the dynamic search engine trends and Social Media Marketing.

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