Learn New Fascinating Facts About VSpace Server 6.5 Desktop Virtualization

NComputing the leading company, known for desktop virtualization services has declared the launch of the VSpace Server 6.5 Desktop software that has the capacity of producing a host of industry firsts and it includes in itself facilities such as improvement in the management as well as configuration of the environment of the VDI (Virtual Desktop Infrastructure), reduction in the number of physical host servers by at least 75 percent and the ability of offering support to as many as 100 users on a solitary operating system.

Virtual Desktop Infrastructure

About the user density breakthrough in the VSpace Server 6.5 Desktop it is required to state here that it is responsible for the delivery of not less than three-fold increase as far as the number of virtual desktop sessions, which can be hosted on only a single operating system is concerned as compared to its earlier models. It also lets the network administrators and the IT professionals to bring about a reduction in the VM’s and the OSs, which are necessary for any virtual desktop structural design. Thus the IT professionals and the network administrators are able to deliver solution per seat.

According to Will Poole, the Co-Chairman of NComputing, “VDI deployments have been held back due to cost and management complexity. We have addressed these issues with vSpace 6.5. Our customers asked us for simple, powerful, scalable, and green solutions, and we’ve delivered with the best economics in the industry. We expect the vSpace server 6.5 to build on our substantial success in the Indian market and deliver what customers in India require to fuel their growth and profitability and at the same time make IT management easier.”

NComputing is responsible for the widest platform support and this could be said so with respect to the desktop visualization vendor, which encompasses the Windows Multi-Point Server 2011/10, Windows XP, Ubuntu 10.04, Windows Server 2008 R2/2003 and Windows 7 64/32 bit.

This new software that is coupled with the client devices of NComputing is powered by a technology of NComputing known as the Numo system-on-chip technology. Thus it facilitates an out of the world experience for its users at the lowest possible cost per seat.

The installation of NComputing would prove to be beneficial for the customers as it allows customers to save 70 percent on the preservation and administration of the systems and 50percent on the system costs. It also helps to reduce the consumption of energy by 90 percent

The year of launch of the services of the NComputing is 2007.  It boasts of 20 million users based across 140 countries.

The vital aspect about NComputing is that it was associated with the reputed Kerala State e-Governance Awards.


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