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Web has stepped into the next generation with the burst of Web 2.0. It has left no sphere of human life untouched and job search is no exception in this case. The recent years have seen a number jobsites coming up with varied range of unique features. The online job industry is booming with ad revenues worth $5.9 billion annually.

Many things have changed since the advent of Internet era… format of the online job posting, its representation and working. With every passing day, more and more features are being added to job portals to make job search more interesting. It has moreover become a platform for communicating freely…but the question remains… is that all?

Extensive research, hosted by various organizations and groups, has been conducted to find out if the online job portals have been successful enough to cater to the clan of job seekers. Few responses worth quoting have been noted below:

“We are looking for having excellent communication skills, ready to work under tight production schedule, a university degree in a specialized area…etc etc…looks like its all been copied from a template, and had the same set of requirements.” –By an aspiring software engineer.

“As I sat down to apply for some…it was pretty easy, just few clicks and your resume would be is online but then what? I’m almost sure; the right person is not looking at it. That the HR would look at my resume is completely a matter of chance and fate…” – By a business development manager.

“…too much of information, too many descriptions and complicated layouts. I was puzzled with all the cluttered information…” – By a Science graduate.

Despite of companies rapidly coming online with their job search solutions it’s interesting when one considers that they have the same disadvantage – the applicant has no way of knowing whether his application made it to the chosen employer or not. Experts feel, there is a gap between the employers and the job seekers that these job portals have failed to bridge. The ambiguity still prevails, as admitted by most of the job seekers.

Where the existing job portals score well on Commerce features, by earning money from services rendered like resume or cover letter writing. Some websites even sell their own brand of products like notebooks, mouse pad, cotton t-shirt, umbrella, etc through the mall section on the site. But ultimately the problem remains unattended.

What do you think can solve this problem…share with us and let others know.

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