Internet Marketing 2014: Dos, Don’ts and Play Safe

This is it! The final hour of 2013!:

We generally like to take a look back at the time that is left behind. Try to evaluate how to grade the year, such as good, bad, okay or disappointing. Generally, the perception changes in the same way that the world population differs over issues like terrorism, nuclear weapons or pollution control. But, this post is not about fathoming rationale of the way people think or argue. It is about looking back at 2013, how internet marketing did in this year, lessons learnt and preparing effective strategies for internet marketing in 2014.

The majority of internet marketing professionals, as per the bygone trends, are surely not ending this year on a happy note. But, it surely was eventful and that also to such an extent that the earlier notions about SEO and internet marketing are completely refurbished. Google alone handedly killed SEO and gave internet marketing a new life.

The New Year – 2014 – not only brings new hopes and aspirations for people in general but also comes as a platform for internet marketers to start afresh with their business ventures. Many of those professionals and business owners, whose websites were hit by changes that Google made, may undertake the resolution of brining things back to the former glory. However, there are few dos, don’ts and play safe planning that needs doing.

The Future of Internet Marketing

Internet Marketing 2014 – Dos:

  • Content Standard: As per the recent trends, Google in 2014 is sure to provide immense importance on the standard and quality of content. Forget about the old practices like writing down a sales pitch into words or brand promotion. Make your content well-researched, insightful, easy to understand and highly informative. Though Matt Cutts, Google’s distinguished engineer, has recently assured that having certain amount (25 to 30%) of duplicate material in your content will not hurt your ranking (provided you don’t copy from Wikipedia), however, it is better to generate completely fresh content. Don’t bother much about producing a lot of content; rather ensure the best quality output within the parameter of standard production on a regular basis.
  • Natural Marketing: If your website is hit by Google and you crave to take it back to the former position, focus on natural web marketing in 2014 over forced one. It’s good to have the urge to reach the top but don’t rush or don’t let your desire haunt you. Assume that you are a newbie in web-based business and planning to promote your brand in a way that it receives sustenance and growth in the long run. You should apply the same strategy in brining your website back to ranking.
  • Use Social Media: Thanks to social media, search engine ranking no more is the only platform for your business or brand to draw attention. In 2014, strategy development for internet marketing will rely largely on social media and social networking websites. In fact, there is a possibility that search engine algorithm will also start considering the numbers of shares or likes your page, post, or website has received. So, learn to use Twitter hash tag or Google+ hash tags well. Tag qualified people, who are already added to your profile or post in relevant groups/forums along with a brief description about your share. Follow your readers’ comments in the thread and try your best to solve their queries.
  • Make your Content Responsive: Dry words may take you to the top of search engine ranking but may not deliver you with the desired level of recognition. Make your content responsive to overcome this challenge. Feel free to include relevant, contextual image with the content. At the same time, embed a video link, elaborating your services, with the post. This will not only increase acceptability of your website and posts but also, at the same time, you the objective of video marketing for the business or brand will be attained. 

Internet Marketing 2014 – Don’ts Backlinks by Hook or Crook? Say No:

If you are familiar with Penguin 2 and Penguin 2.1< then stop searching for every possibility of getting backlinks, without considering the nature and type of service that the link delivery source has to offer.

  • Absolute no-no to paid backlinks and link networks: Google has perfected its skills against spammers to such an extent that not only its tracking down paid backlinks to your website but also links that you got from paid link networks. Google has recently tracked down shady link networks such as Anglo One, and penalized them brutally by exposing their existence through social networks.
  • Say no to the idea of not making mobile friendly website: The combination of Knowledge Graph and Hummingbird Algorithm update makes mobile search more dynamic, effective and useful than ever before. The way Google is continuing to perfect these features, it is not unclear that 2014 will promote mobile search extensively. Due to this reason, make sure that your internet marketing website is responsive to mobile devices.
  • No over optimization: If your strategy is to frame a set of specific keywords and stuff them in the content to reach higher search engine ranking, it is better that you leave such ideas behind real quick. Google not only considers such practices spammy but also they soon will be ineffective with Hummingbird that targets long-tail keywords or natural search queries over keyword specific approach. 

Internet Marketing 2014 – Play Safe:

  • Not sure how to determine a good link and a bad one? Play Safe – For websites that have already been hit by Penguin algorithm update, it is a matter of urgency that all the bad backlinks are removed from the website on an emergency basis. However, the problem starts with determining which is a bad link and which one isn’t. If you think you don’t have time to check out the links manually, then apply the rule of mass disavow. Don’t worry as Mr. Cutts has assured that mass disavowing the backlinks will not hurt your website. Often experts consider that 301 redirection can save your website from Google penalty. But as of now disavow is the best option to avoid the risk of being penalized for bad links.
  • To Keep or Not to Keep Duplicate Content! Play Safe – Matt Cutts has recently said that websites that contain little bit of duplicate content, will not suffer any major loss in ranking. But, Google has a tendency of breaking the trends they establish. Don’t take any chance. Include fresh content only and ward off all the risks of getting hit by Google’s anti-spam algorithm update.
  • Specific keyword or long tail query? Play Safe – Google Hummingbird update isn’t fully functional yet and this factor may incite you to include specific keywords in the content. Wait and get facts straight! There is no denial that the search engine has completely updated its search algorithm. Naturally, it will be active eventually. By not including long-tail queries or natural language search term in content, you are actually stopping from staying ready for the future. Play safe! Start producing and refurbishing your website content as per the Hummingbird requirement and stay ready to lead in the future. 

Final Words:

The above-mentioned points reflect the SEO tricks and internet marketing strategic measures that construct the foundation for great functioning of your web-based business in 2014. Start making your own plan today. This basic framework can be followed and a bit of experimentation will surely give you a very pleasing experience while doing business in 2014, provided you stay within the guiding measures.

Wish you a very Happy New Year! May success and prosperity never insolate your web-based business venture this year. 

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Darpan Ghosh

Sr. Web Content Developer at Maketick Inc.
Darpan Ghosh is the Senior Web Content Developer at Maketick Inc., a supreme IT, eCommerce service and consultation provider, based in Silicon Valley, California. He is a web-marketing enthusiast, with particular attention to the dynamic search engine trends and Social Media Marketing.

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