Intel to Create New Smartphones

Intel Corporation revealed its plans to collaborate with Lenovo and Motorola Mobility Inc to develop Smartphones that would run on the Intel chips. It was confirmed by Intel, Motorola and Lenovo at the CES (Consumer Electronics Show), that they were working in a collaborative way to create absolutely two mew models of Smartphone.

Intel Smartphone

Lenovo unveiled at this event the smartphone, the K800.  Liu Jun, the president of Lenovo stated that “It is my great honor today, to introduce to you the world’s first Intel architecture–based smartphone, the Lenovo Smartphone K800.”. He also said that “We are transforming Lenovo from a leading personal computer company to a leading personal internet device company,”.

The display screen of the Lenovo K800 is of 4.5 inch. It also comprises a Near Field Communications (NFC), 720 p, HDMI as well as Intel’s Widi stream for the chandelling of the video content to a HDTV that is compatible with it. It would be powered by the 32nm Medfield Atom Z2460 processor timed at 1.6GHz of Intel.

Paul S. Otellini, the Chief Executive and the President of Intel stated at the CES show that Motorola has entered a multi-year pact with Intel.  About this relationship he made the comment that it is “just the beginning.”

He also stated, “”Today, I’m thrilled to announce that the best of Intel’s computing is now coming to smartphones,”. He also said, “And it’s coming first to China, the largest market for smartphones in the world, with 100 million users and growing rapidly.”

Thus this announcement also highlights the late entry of the Intel Corp in the market of Smartphones. Though Intel’s chip, the X86 is widely used, almost all the Smartphones run on the chips developed by the ARM. The reason is that the chips of the ARM, makes use of less power as compared to the Intel chips.

According to Otellini, “The best of Intel computing is coming to smartphones”. He also said that “Our efforts with Lenovo and Motorola Mobility will help to establish Intel processors in smartphones and provide a solid foundation from which to build in 2012 and into the future.”

Intel also made the statement that majority of the applications that were written on the ARM chips could be easily integrated with the Intel chips. It also made a mention of the fact that it was writing a special code, so that the other codes could be transferred.

However, Intel displayed a prototype unit. According to Intel this prototype unit has the capacity to deliver 3G voice calls of 8 hours, 5 hours of 3G web browsing and 6 hours of video playing of 1080p.

Sanjay Jha, CEO and Chairman of Motorola Mobility, also made a mention about their own Smartphones that are based on the Intel. He stated, “I am especially proud to announce today that Motorola and Intel have entered into a multi-year, multi-device strategic partnership around mobile devices and smartphones.”

Since Google Inc. is taking over Intel, its pact with Motorola is definitely noteworthy.

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