Indian e-Commerce…Content matters!

India has accepted online shopping and many of the business giants today are going for e-commerce. The dream always being seeing themselves as one of the pioneers in the e-commerce industry, many of them have tried out hundreds of ways to convince their customers.

Following the trend for quite sometime now I have come to a conclusion that Amazon has outsmarted all other e-commerce portals not only in India but in all over the world. All they have done is pulling the right strings at the right time. A combination of website usability, website personalization, and capital investments is what can pave the way to success for all the e-commerce websites cropping up each day. What Amazon has done is nothing but playing a smart and simple trick…they have used their contents as never before, unique in its subject and presentation.

To build a successful e-commerce program one has to keep in mind that only an image of a product is not enough…right content is immensely necessary to get the user’s attention. I have however, noticed that getting the contents of e-commerce portals modified can make it more interesting for the e-shoppers.

  • Quote what people say: Shoppers all over the world have one but common behavior…they like to get the view of other shoppers before going for a particular item or brand. Quoting as much good words as one can that the customers have said about an e-commerce portal can immensely add to the process of convincing the buyers to go for it.
  • Let them know about the sellers: And of course it works. I mean buyers prefer to go for the products they know in details. As in, full information about the company and the sellers help to convince the shoppers. So there should be enough contents to draw a clear picture of the companies and their products.
  • Letting them move around: just like shoppers do in the shopping malls. Interesting and attractive contents always help the users to stay glued to a particular website and linger around. The more they move around, more is the chance of them landing up buying things.
  • Convince your customers: It is very necessary to include such contents in the websites which would convince the shoppers to give out their credit card numbers to a website. It’s all about convincing them to trust the portal.
  • Lessen the advertisements: Powerful contents of a website never fail to draw traffic. The e-commerce portals which have less number of advertisements attract more traffic. Clear and crisp page layouts always help the customers to find out things they need and at the same time concentrate on the contents and the products. If the content is apt then there would be no dearth of money coming in.

E-commerce in India has opened up new dimensions for marketing and shopping. Indians take time to trust but once they do, they tend to stick to it. Contents say how a portal works and how they do it. If contents of an e-commerce portal are interesting and convincing enough, there is no second thought that people will go for online shopping.

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