Incredible Success of Click-To-Call Program

Last year “Click to Call” program was introduced. Since then it is acquiring huge positive response from people across the world and you will be amazed to know that this year Google is surprised to see its success. It has been observed that each month millions and millions of calls are coming. In fact, it has become an integral part of different mobile search advertisement campaigns.

Since for the last couple of months “Click-to-Call ads are generating huge number of calls lots of advertisers are showing their urge to run these functional campaigns. As a result lump sum amount of profit is coming to Google from those mobile ad units.

Click to Call ads mainly rely on the phone extensions of Google AdWords and remain available exclusively on paid search as well as display advertisements in mobile. In several cases, Google is serving the mobile advertisement, which is mainly targeted by regional territory.

On the other hand, Google has lately initiated “call only creative.” Here the mobile user has no other option than to make a call and these ads are mainly intended to allow the marketer to redirect calls to the call center. If we can study carefully we will see that mobile users are more inclined to take instant action. So, it is quite obvious that the gap between intent and action is less.

From the quality perspective, Click to call ads is indeed a persuasive way to get superior leads in the special categories regardless of whether you are a local or a national advertiser. While discussing on this topic, it should also be mentioned that since mobile and Click to Call are typically connected with physical and location stores, marketers can always go for Click to Call in such cases, where a live conversation is needed to close a sale. These in-bound calls can also be recorded creating more transparency for the marketer.

There will be nothing wrong to say that nowadays most of the advertisers prefer to choose Click to Call and optimize campaigns for the mobile devices. Hope in the coming years it will get more popularity from the local as well as international advertisers.

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