IBM: Social Collaboration Apps for Tablets

IBM has launched on Wednesday quite a few mobile applications, which have been designed to allow the employees to use the IBM enterprise social collaboration software along with the other mobile devices and the iPads.


The customers can avail the applications that are completely new with the IBM software’s active license being tapped. These applications have been developed only for security purpose along with tablet interface, compliance features and IT management. For availing these applications the customers are not required to pay anything.

 IBM Social Collaboration Apps for Tablets

Rob Ingram, who is the senior manager of IBM’s Mobile Collaboration Strategy, said that “The apps are very lightweight and talk directly back in a secure manner to the enterprise systems that people who don’t have these devices are using inside the company.”


One of the applications allows the employees to make use of the IBM connections via iPads while the other application has been designed for the users of the Lotus Live Meeting so that they are able to easily participate in the meetings conducted online with the help of iPad tablets or Blackberry and iPhones or Android.


The application meant for Lotus Symphony Viewer offers the scope to the web viewers to take a look at the files based on ODF, including the presentations, documents and spreadsheets on the iPhones, Android devices and iPads. The IBM Sametime application allows the employees to get involved in instant messaging sessions or one to one sessions on Android tablets and iPad.


Apart from these there are other applications as well for the quick and easy managing of the telephony tasks within the IBM Sametime from the tablets and for the users of the Android devices, who wish to add the feature of widgets to the home screens for a short cut access to the Lotus Notes e-mail and calendar.


According to Ingram, “All of these capabilities together provide a workable set of solutions for people that are coming to us in droves now looking for iPad and other tablet support”.


The IBM would also be revealing the preview versions of the latest tools on the developer works website so that the enterprise developers are able to create mobile applications for Android services.


To avail these applications, you need to make a visit to the app stores, such as the Android Market and the Apple App store.

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