IBM Revises Collaborative Software Development Solutions for Cloud, Mobile

IBM plans to refresh their developer tools line. They emphasized on a new partner program that is designed explicitly to make it easier for ISVs to accredit the products against the IBM Rational Tools. Announcing on Monday June 4 2012, in the Annual Innovate Software Conference, IBM pronounced the upgraded Rational Line of Software Development Management. Built on the IBM open platform, Jazz, the software solutions would come with extended design management capabilities.


Focused on both cloud and mobile, IBM Vice President Harish Grama conferred about the software being built to deal with Cloud Computing Services. The amended software would transact with cloud as a production environment and mobile as an avenue to deliver enterprise applications.

The Rational Collaborative Lifecycle Management (CLM) correlates data and information across other IBM Rational products like the IBM Rational Team Concert, IBM Quality Manager, and IBM Rational Requirements Composer. The CLM summarizes the development of the project and the progress status from its conceptualization to its production.

The updates version of CLM 4.0 runs compliantly with a variety of servers and this enables larger developmental environments. The version also incorporates the virtual testing environments. IBM acquired the feature when it procured Green Hat in January 2012.

IBM also proposed an array of developmental services on its SmartCloud hosted offerings. The new pilot, IBM SmartCloud Continuous Delivery enabled a pathway to synchronize the development of projects using the DevOps methodology. Grama commented that the platform established a pipeline of moving bits through varied test cases. The application could orchestrate seamlessly with both IBM development software and third party software like the Puppet.

IBM offered a development management service that would specifically cater to the government agencies. The IBM SmartCloud for Government is acquiescent with the security standards of the Federal Information Security Management Act. The application would offer CLM as a service through SmartCloud and access through scalable and hosted environment.

IBM amassed a package for the Enterprise Mobile Development. The collection includes Rational CLM, Worklight Server 5.0, Worklight Studio 5.0, and Rational Developer for System z version 8.5, Rational Application Developer version 8.5, Rational Developer for Power Systems version 8.5, and IBM Application Center 5.0. The comprehensive package includes a SDK and an emulator to facilitate testing mobile applications for use on Android phones.

IBM determined to assist their consumers, believes in offering services that ensures rapid delivery and effortless management. Dr. Kristof Kloeckner, general manager of IBM Rational, thinks that IBM needs to balance the need for speed and agility coalesced with better governance that would supervise the cost and quality. The solutions provided bestow regulatory compliancy with security and certain financial predictability.

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