IBM Enhances Mobile Security with New Application

The International Business Machines Corporation (IBM) introduced a new software technology that would help in the Mobile Application Development. A multinational company, and technological consultants, IBM’s new software would help mobile app developers to construct applications that are secured by design. The client can intertwine security while devising the primary design of the application. It exposes the vulnerabilities that can be detected and altered earlier in the developmental process. The pronouncement also included the company’s strategy to provide the client with an integrated mobile platform that would include the application development, unification, management and security.

Mobile Security

At present, there are more than five billion mobile devices in the world. This shift from the two billion users of computers was the main reason for the companies to shift their focus on mobile applications development. The security of these devices became the main concern. With the people embracing mobile phones to connect with each other, the need to secure the applications that are running on the devices is significant.

In 2011, as per the IBM X-Force Trend and Risk Report, there was 19% increase in mobile exploits. The recently, released data by IBM Centre for Applied Insights Study, stated that 55 percent of the respondents cited that mobile security has always been the primary concern. The latest release of the IBM Security Appscan portfolio is a coimprehensive robust security solution that enables the customers to integrate mobile applications safety testing throughout the natural life of the app. Mitigating the security risks and scanning the vulnerabilities, this new security solution would be a major step forward in safeguarding sensitive data.

Portable Security:

Most organizations now use smartphone, iPhones or Android to maintain connectivity 24/7. However, they do not realize the susceptibility of these devices. There are the traditional threats, and some beyond them, like the hacker could execute SQL injections or perform script attack on the applications. There is malware and phishing or the scanning of the QR codes with malicious scripting. The sensitive data stored in the mobile can be easily leaked, breaching the security of the company. Data especially stored outside the protection of the corporate security programs can pose threats that are more serious. The new AppScan analysis would help the architects to construct safer mobile applications.

Marc van Zadelhoff, Vice President of Strategy and Product Management, IBM Security Systems, said that the providing customers the ability to scan during the Mobile Application Development is the next step for the mobile strategy. This is to ensure that the employees of an organization can work safely and securely on their devices.

Mobilizing the security App:

IBM would now extend the application to native Android applications making it conducive for the developers to test their apps without sending it to an offsite vendor. Response time becomes faster and this is the reason that mobile application system should be integrated early in the software developmental process.

With a wide range of mobile security applications, IBM has been organically involved in the mobile sector for more than a decade. Building software and applications, IBM ventured successfully into enterprise-ready mobility solutions.

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