Hybrid Cloud: The Hottest Operating Model on the Way

Hybrid Cloud

IaaS: Still an Underdog!

The three essential service delivery and operating models that Cloud has to offer are Software as a Service (SaaS), Platform as a Service (PaaS) and Infrastructure as a Service (IaaS). There is no denying that despite the multivarious layers of benefit that cloud computing has to offer, it hasn’t yet reached the level of deserving popularity. Moreover, IaaS is, perhaps, the least used operating and service delivery model, despite the fact that it functions as an excellently comprehensive platform for development purposes. Generally, the small and mid scale companies opt or think about opting for IaaS. In case of large-scale IT companies, using this operating and delivery model as a crucial environment for development and production is still a distant dream.

Hybrid Cloud: Revitalizing Factor for IaaS!

The story of maintaining distance from Cloud operating models, especially IaaS, is expected to come to an soon. Hybrid Cloud, the hottest operating model, presumably, will make this change happen and that also quite radically (hopefully before the end of 2014). Despite the fact that materialization of the expectation is pretty much at the stage of speculation, the participation of Microsoft, VMware and Amazon has surely helped significantly fuelled hopes of expectation of everyone who wishes stronger interference of cloud computing in the modern IT industry. However, the contribution of Microsoft and VMware is focused at elevating IaaS as a more effective and fertile platform for development. On the other hand, Amazon aims at controlling the sales and marketing of the upcoming cloud operating model.

Hybrid Cloud: The Hottest Operating Model is almost Here

The inception of hybrid cloud is receiving such widespread support is not just because it would help IT companies of all size and expansion with better earning opportunities and smoother development but it is expected that this new operating model with widen the path for innovation of more advanced successors that will play important role in giving birth to hybrid cloud DR or creation of more reliable DevTest environment.

Benefits that Hybrid Cloud has to Offer:

  • Significant cut on the total expenditure is a major benefit that Hybrid Cloud offers. The IT companies are currently spending significant amount for using the third party data centers. The result is almost 50% increase in the overall product development cost.
  • The facility to pay-as-per-the-consumption is a welcome improvement for the IT firms. While with Hybrid Cloud it is just a beginning, the flexibility to personalize the usage and paying as per the same. This is an excellent relief from the yearlong investment.
  • Agility is the most important benefit that cloud operating have to offer. This factor becomes more improved with Hybrid Cloud. With this operating system, deploying apps and development services becomes more flexible and as per requirement of the parties.
  • The agility offered by Hybrid Cloud creates an excellent platform for treating DevTest and production/development platform equally. Thanks to this improvement, IT enterprises receive the opportunity to pace up the speed of deployment time that traditional development process incorporates. Furthermore, the development and testing of software on Hybrid Cloud operating model becomes is as effective as understanding the extent of its proper functioning in real life situations.
  • Finally, Hybrid Cloud operating model makes cloud computing more than just a data center and transforms it into new-gen IT operating model.

Information Source: The Cloud is a New Operating Model

Hybrid Cloud Computing

Hybrid Cloud: Making The Future of Cloud Computing More Real than Ever


Hybrid Cloud operating model is definitely an integral part of the entire Cloud technology but it takes the future of IT functioning to an altogether different level of dynamics. The challenge in terms of making cloud computing popular is definitely there but having the dynamics available will surely give IT enterprises of all size and expansion with the confidence to take a dig at the newer operating models over the existing ones. Security and pricing rate offered by the third party data centers have remained the most important concerns that stop IT enterprises from opting for Cloud with their eyes closed. Successful introduction and marketing of Hybrid Cloud computing model will surely change this skeptic approach and also will take an important role in making cloud computing a reliable platform, worth celebrating.


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