Google Helpouts: How Helping Each Other Leads to Brand Building

Google’s Goal with the Helpouts:

The all-new Helpouts from Google has taken the web on an uproar since its launch. It’s been barely four days since launch of this feature and already the basic idea of getting and delivering help through live video has drawn attention of World Wide Web users. In their official blog, while announcing the launch of Helpouts, the search giant wrote quite humbly:

Our goal is simple: help people help each other. We want to use the convenience and efficiency of the web to enable everyone, no matter where they are or what time it is, to easily connect with someone who can help.


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Helpouts to Boost User Experience and Expanding the Scope for Brand Building:

Ensuring convenience for web users has always been the sole ambition of Google. However, since last two years, Google has appeared more sincere than ever to stand up to the promises made. For the same reason, the search giant has not only gone for an update rampage (mainly anti-spam) but also introduced significant changes to a few features and facilities that all these days were considered as integral parts of website optimization, attracting customers and expanding business. Precisely, the company is more preoccupied than ever with the ideas to make web surfing experience seamless and comprehensive at the same time. Helpouts comes as a strong stride towards attaining the goal that not only expands the scope of quality information sharing and interaction but also brand building for small business owners or individuals with excellent command over a particular discipline or domain.

How Does Google Helpouts Work As A Platform for Brand Building?

Before you find out how Helpouts can be used as an excellent medium for brand building, it is important to know the main features of this system.

First, Helpouts shouldn’t be confused with YouTube as it not only allows experts and brands to upload demonstration videos but also expands the scope of delivering quality information and instruction to willing people through live video.

Second, the entire process of giving and receiving help is based on an interactive platform.

Third, Helpouts is equally convenient for both instructors/experts/brands and users, whether at the comfort of their home or on the go through mobile devices (Android app already available on Google Play).

Fourth, Helpouts provides freedom and flexibility for users in terms of selecting their favorite service provider, whether an already established brand or individual, who has exceptional command over a specific subject matter. Furthermore, a user may complete the selection process on the basis of qualification, reputation, ratings, service charges and availability.

Fifth, Category-based classification of services makes the selection process simple.

Sixth, Helpouts assist both service providers and service receivers to interact with each other over the global platform.

Seventh and finally, service providers have the opportunity to receive payment, based on quality of their guidance/instruction. Service receivers also have Google’s full money back guarantee.

Now, in order to create new brand building opportunities Google Helpouts have the following benefits to offer:

  • Individuals and businesses that Google has already been working with will be at the top of priority in terms of drawing most attention from customers. If you are not the one to fall in this list but strongly believe that your expertise over a particular domain can help many, then visit the enrollment page, request one invite and wait till you receive it. Please remember, this is not an instant process and may take a while.
  • Preparing a list of high volume search terms, based on the domain of your expertise and preparing videos with focus on those search terms is a great way to promote yourself.
  • You may also check out on the videos that deal with your subject of specialization on YouTube and questions that they don’t address, despite the fact that users are willing to know. Prepare a few videos with limited reflection on those aspects and inform users that you have the capacity to provide answers/guidance to solve their queries.
  • Keep searching other individuals or businesses that deal with the same subject matter as yours. You should plan accordingly and make the necessary changes in your service charges, timing and availability.
  • Providing quality and honest service to customers doesn’t have any alternative. Try not to miss an appointment or deceive your customers. Always talk in details with your customers before taking up an assignment and if you are not competent to address the requirement, simply admit it upfront. Please don’t forget that there are several others who are looking forward to reach the same goal as yours. Once you start compromising over the goodwill and reputation, everything will be gone before you even know it.
  • If you are planning to keep your reach high, make sure that there is always guarantee on your services.
  • You should never hesitate to approach a customer and ask for reviews, based on your service. Remember that their rating is one of the core factors that will not only help in generating business but also will provide you with better access to brand building.

Assurance for Mutual Growth and Development:

Google has always provided special importance on quality of the content produced, so that your followers and unique users receive the right information that will address their query. According to them, in this way an expert will share the knowledge that will help the interested people. Alongside, it will be easier for the expert to assess himself and delve deeper in the subject matter, only to come up with better services, leading to overall growth. Google Helpouts only establishes this principle on a stronger and more interactive platform. With Helpouts not only brands will receive the desired exposure but also individuals and small business owners, with adequate hold on the subject matter will be able to facilitate their customers. Assistance seekers, on the other hand, will enjoy the opportunity to avail quality services at a moderate rate, not to mention the flexibility and timely guidance. Clearly, Google Helpouts provides online brand building efforts with a new horizon for expansion. It is a matter of time till the World Wide Web starts witnessing how effectively and constructively brands, small businesses and individuals (subject matter experts) start making the best use of the opportunity.

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