Future of Virtualization and Cloud Security

Simon Crosby, offers his opinion about cloud security, malware, the impact of the virtualization on the security and other subject matters as well. Formerly he was the Chief Technology Officer of Citrix. At present he is known as the co-founder of the Bromium company. Bromium’s prime aim is to deliver effective solutions related to infrastructure.

Cloud Security

According to his opinion the hardware virtualization as well as its uses would enhance the aspect of security. He also states that the virtual desktop is highly secure for the main reason that it appears in a specific centralized form. The professionals who deal with the aspect of security are making efforts for the development of improved methods for the purpose of detection.

He is also hopeful of the fact that there would be more products in the market that would work towards the exploitation of the concept of virtualization in the cloud. The public cloud as Crosby feels has the capacity to provide robust security to the architectural infrastructure.

He thinks that it is Amazon who is most capable of building modern and advanced infrastructure required by the enterprises.

Thus the future years would witness a significant increase in the shift towards cloud and virtualization services. It could be said so with respect to the IT and business organizations.

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