Flipboard Introduces New iPhone App

Flipboard was founded in the year 2010 in California by Evan Doll and Mike McCue for the iPad tablet computer of Apple. Apple is a reputed multinational company that develops commercial servers, computer software and consumer electronics. The prime products of the Apple are iPhone, Macintosh computer line-up, IPod music player and iPad.

Flipboard iphone apps

 After the completion of one year of the launch of iPad application, last Tuesday the company introduced to the world at the Le Web conference, which was held in Paris, an iPhone version of the Flipboard.

 It is the larger iPad version, which inspired the iPhone application. This new iPhone app is offers a completely new path. The entire Flick gesture has been replaced by the page flip gesture related to the iPad version, which includes in itself the small size of the screen. According to McCue the iPad version of the app is in most use twice a day, that is the at the beginning and at the day’s end.

The most beneficial aspect of this iPad version of the app is that it would provide the users a fast and easy access to the content write-up not only at any particular time of a day but all throughout the day. The most important feature of this iPad version of the app is that it comprises ‘cover stories’, which helps you to learn about the new updates, take a look at the photos, which have been recently added, go through the tweets of your acquaintances. It offers other facilities as well.

 Flipboard has created this iPad version of app with the desire of making it the one stop for all services, a requirement of the modern times.

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