European Market Predictions for Use of Mobile Devices

The Europeans previously made use of the laptops and the desktop PC’s to perform operational functions. However, over the past few years, there has been a rapid increase in the purchase and use of the mobile handset devices. The reason for its high sale is the numerous mobile applications that have been developed keeping in mind the beneficial needs of the customers. The modern mobile devices also include advanced features that are highly appealing.

Mobile Market of Europe

The use of the mobile data has witnessed a significant growth in Europe. The great availability of the low priced wireless mobile devices that makes possible smooth networking functioning is also responsible for increased use of these devices by the European consumers.

The European market is primarily dominated by Google, Apple and Nokia. As far as the digital market is considered, it is dominated by the Apple. It accounts for 30% of the total share of the digital market. By the end of the year, 2016, according to the analysis done by the Forrester Research, Inc., the usage of Internet facility offered by the mobile devices and the usage of Smartphone would attain a high of 54% and 67%. Thus it could be said that the future of the mobile market of Europe is definitely bright.

It is advisable that the mobile developers of Europe need to focus more on the development of the new mobile applications that would arrest the attention of the users. The developers or the team of developers also need to invent new strategies and mobile features that would prove to be beneficial for the users.

In Europe, Symbian has witnessed a reduction in sale, while the percentage sale of the Android is 330.2%.Thus it could be stated here that the Symbian is the least opted for by the European users.

In Europe, in the second quarter of the previous year, there was an increase in the sale of the Smartphones. The shipment of the low – end mobile phones or the feature phones was 20.4 million units. As compared to the second quarter of 2010, the Smartphones witnessed an increase in its shipment that is 21.8 million units. It is Samsung that occupies a high position as it accounted for 22% of the market share.

If compared with the US market, it could be said that in the U.S, as per the fourth quarter of the previous year, 48 percent of the mobile handset users were using the Smartphones. It is the Android that leads the market of Smartphones in the U.S.

Thus it remains to be seen, that which of the mobile devices dominate the European market in the coming years.

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