E-learning the Tricks!!!

How many times have we been able to resist bright colors and designs? On numerous occasions, I’m sure, we have failed… and people say ‘everything that glitters is not gold’! Well, of everything said and done, we cannot deny that looks matter and websites are no exceptions in this regard. Wait wait… I’m not going to about the usual shopping portals…let’s talk about e-learning portals today.

Imagine how the students feel going through dull e-learning sites? Trust me, it’s real tough to make them sit before a computer and persuade them to spend some of their time to get the lessons straight! And if the contents are not interesting…at least I wouldn’t have wasted my time there. So, the challenge remains making learning online an interesting journey for the students. Let’s now peep into the tricks of keeping learners glued to the computer screen. Way we go…!!!

1st trick…

Designs: Get it straight…learners don’t like to look at dull layouts especially if it has anything to do with learning! So, the trick is to give right kind of color and feel to the web page. The background should have the appropriate colors, targeting the students. Fonts should be equally interesting. For instance, if the target users are children…they would definitely love Mickey to lead them from chapters to chapters.

2nd trick…

Sound of music: It is very important to spice up the entire learning experience by using the right kind of music and jingles for each page…this can make navigating an interesting part of learning thus urging students go on with the course!

3rd trick…

Coordinated continuity: The worst that happen to an online course is having all information and graphics spilling over each other without any continuity. It is immensely important to have all the information, designs, graphics and other elements in tune…that is, they should be continuous. Otherwise it can divert users’ concentration. To maintain this, one has to make sure all colors are coordinated. Buttons, arrows and boxes should be made of the same pattern and style…in every page.

4th trick…

Maintain your image: …I mean the content’s. One has to keep in mind; images attract viewer’s attention the most! Start with the best one…and maintain the pixels through out.

5th trick…

Brush up the contents: There is no use of long, boring contents. Crisp and lucid contents convey ideas faster. Right content with appropriate graphics for sure can do wonders.

…And together these tricks shall create magic. Now students can have a colourful e-learning experience!

If you feel there is more and you can still add to the magic…I would love to hear it from you.

Stay tuned!!! Do you mind if I invite others assignment helper at your table to listen in while we talk.

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