E-Learning: Looking at new Possibilities

During my college days I have seen several friends of mine suppress their desire for studying in renowned universities…high fees and distance were the only concerns. How many times have I thought if only there was a way out for those who wanted to get degrees from graduating schools around the world! And today, I can see my dream coming true…thanks to fast emerging technologies which have reduced the barrier of time and money in terms of education.

India has joined West in spending more on education and expanding the knowledge base for a better future of the country. It has adopted e-learning, the latest buzz in air. So, let’s have a look how e-learning in India can help bridge the gap between students and educational institutions…

  • The businesses would be able to train their people online with higher education ultimately to bring in more revenue for themselves.
  • Students will be able to get higher education from renowned universities around the world sitting at home ! They would be able to save their traveling expenses and high fees for tutorials.
  • Online training would be available in different languages and multi-interactive formats…so students hailing from all parts of the world can avail these courses.
  • The entire system is cost effective and they would be focusing on various sectors of education.
  • Training sessions would be more interactive as it would follow diverse teaching methodologies.
  • One can avail the e-learning courses from any place provided he/she has Internet connection as there won’t be any time constraint as well.

It won’t be an exaggeration to say India has huge opportunities for e-learning and that it would add immensely to the growth of the nation.

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