Despite Growth in the Market Share, Android Trails iOS in Mobile Browser Usage

Recent reports pronounced that many people are not using Android. Confirmed by the Internet Analytics Company, NetMarketShare, the study was based on measuring hits to its client’s website over a year. It has claimed the report to be structured on the analysis of millions of web page views per month in numerous industries and other sectors. The report clearly affirmed the popularity of the iOS platform over Android in web browsing.

The iOS Mobile Safari has shown an exemplary growth from 54% to 63% in-between the period of June 2011 and May 2012, whereas Android only rose to 16% from 14% in the same time. Both the indigenous and third party was taken into consideration. Although it is reasonably difficult to ascertain definitely how many Android consumers are utilizing the mobile browser. The complexity of this lies in the fact that there exist third party clients that can mimic desktop equivalents. However, NetMarketShare unequivocally claims the tallied reports. An allotted 19 percent comes from the default Android Browser that comes standard in all handsets despite the manufacturers. Firefox, Opera and Chrome for Android complete the remaining one percent of the Android Share.

However, there is nothing to worry. In a report by comScore’s MobiLens it states that in Q1 there are more than 234 million Americans, aged 13 and older, who use mobile phones. In this, there are more than 107 million smartphones.  Another research by Gartner states that the Google Android OS will capture more than 50 percent of the market share of smartphones by the end of 2012.  The newest report introduced in the first quarter of the financial year, articulates that Android now accounts for 56.1 percent of the global market. The reason for the lead is accredited due to the Android’s ability to differentiate itself from the other players.  Android remains a preferred platform for its ability of easy implementation and enhanced core functionality.  This facilitates the Application Development for Android.

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