Data Management Is No More Big Companies’ Exclusivity

Data Management is past – Big Data Management is the Future:


Data Management for Future


The exponential increase in data production and generation is a truth without a tinge of doubt. Furthermore, it is also true that data management service providers and enterprise software developers will encounter a harder time ahead to come up with the right technological platform that would help in easing the complications with managing and processing the huge data pool for accurate results. Data management, as we knew it, soon will be the past as the humankind continues to tighten its embrace on big data management.


The Problems that Inability of Successful Big Data Execution May Lead To:


Big data generation and use is not just future but it also is an inevitability. However, like many other aspects that experts in the field of technology have predicted, it is also taking time to become a reality. Why? Lack of technological support or absence of the expertise in crating the necessary infrastructure is one of the main reasons that the process is deterring. At the same time, there is no escape from filling up this absence; else, there will not only be problem with business intelligence and analytics but also a time may come when unprocessed and undocumented data will clog the very mobility of communication.


The Extent of Data Generation:


The actual idea behind exponential data generation doesn’t become clear unless an overview of sources that we use almost on a regular basis for data output is given. Here follows some of the major channels:


  • Our increasing reliance on digital services, especially to address the daily needs and situations, such as transportation, monitoring and managing automated services and households, managing professional operations etc
  • Increasing data output from wearable devices
  • Exponential increase in the data output from smartphones, tablets and phablets
  • Increasing use of enterprise applications for smooth execution of business processes but these multiplatform applications create huge data pool from several  channels
  • Increase in the amount of duplicated data that needs to be purified first, before it is shared or streamed in a real-time scenario

It was widely believed that big data management firms with the capacity for huge investment and infrastructure only have the capacity to analyze the big data and execute it with the purpose of increasing revenue for enterprises. Yet, according to the recent trends, known names in this field are also facing difficulties with effective data storage and management, except for a selected few such as Amazon, NetApp, Google, and Apple.


Start-ups Claiming Shares Over Monopoly of Biggies in Big Data Management:


Several start-up ventures are providing comprehensive solution to this problem by adding new strategic and innovative measures to the existing framework. Whether for biggies or start-ups, cloud platform is the still the ultimate storage space for increasing amount of data. However, the newer participants in this highly competitive market are delivering their clients with peace of mind through disruptive technologies.


Advantages of Data Management in Cloud


Disruptive technology is the crucial measure that includes the private cloud space for clients. This, in contrast to the common practice, prevents storage multiple clients’ data within a common infrastructure (public cloud). Now, the added advantages that the private cloud space has to offer are:


  • Ease with data sorting, purification and management, as it doesn’t get mixed up with other clients
  • Better security measures can be added to the data stores by adding a remote monitoring system so that alert is delivered for cases like sudden heating up of the data center or security breach
  • Reducing the cost of data management and adding flexibility to the storage space as per the convenience
  • More freedom for the service providing company in terms of delivering personalized service

It is going to be An Altogether New Ball Game:


Challenges are there but the situation is definitely interesting, as far as data management and real time big data sharing is concerned. Despite the fact that most companies are still going for the biggies, better and cost-effective management of data along with materializing the dream for real time big data sharing is actually nearing the point of materialization through the start-ups. Quality data management and analytics is no more an exclusivity of tech giants or brands. Participation of the start-up level companies has made it an altogether new ball game.


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