Content Publishing…Open Source again!

Next time try out the free content publishing system rather than using HTML editors like Frontpage or Dreamweaver. Using open source content publishing system can surely help to reduce your software license revenue expenses provided you diligently do your homework on the implementation part of this solution.

I was looking for some content publishing applications, came across some of the open source systems written in PHP/MySQL. Here is a gist of what I found…

  • WordPress: WordPress, among all open source products, is the best as it is where I’m writing this blog ;-). Well, on a serious note, WordPress is a classic instance of a system that enables blogging. Easily installable, it provides multiple features in case you want to have your own blog.
  • For more information on WordPress visit-

  • Drupal: It is immensely easy to use. Drupal can be easily customized…thanks to its additional features like the view options and custom content types.
  • For more information on Drupal visit-

  • Textpattern: Like WordPress, it is also a blogging platform though Textpattern is a bit more complicated than the WordPress. Many of the important sites use this platform to promote themselves.
  • For information on Textpattern visit-

  • Joomla: Joomla is known as one of the most powerful open source system in terms of content management. It is immensely active as the users can add as many modules as they want to increase the functionality of the entire system.
  • For more information on Joomla visit-

  • SilverStripe: It is an effective and standardized content publishing system which is built with a Model View Controller coding framework. Its web-based intuitive administration panel helps the user to maintain his/her website.
  • For more information on SilverStripe visit-

  • Mediawiki: It is an open source software application. It has numerous features that is perfect for publishing content as a whole. Mediawiki has brought a revolution in the field of open content.
  • For more information on Mediawiki visit-

    If this CMS interests you enough, try these out at

Mini units of study on conventions during ww time I can do one of these in december/january prior to the ela test published right here and at one other point I the year.

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