The Most Frequent Mistakes Businesses are committing in Managing Enterprise Mobility

2015 is just a couple of weeks away and industry experts are opining that enterprise mobility management will rise as one of the topmost IT agendas. The experts have furthermore advised CIOs in undertaking more proactive roles in transforming respective EMMs into more foolproof systems. Alongside, they are required to upgrade their mobile strategy to comply better with the evolving needs of enterprise mobility.

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BYOD Management Perfects Enterprise Mobility

Google’s recent acquiring of Divide, a BYOD (Bring Your Own Device) management platform providing company, is not just another tech news. It also has fueled quite a familiar point of argument: How relevant is BYOD in perfecting Enterprise Mobility? Why BYOD is Still Discouraged? Enterprises and industry leaders are accepting that fulfilling the goal of…

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Reasons Why Today’s Business Should Encourage ERP on Cloud

  Getting Ready for Tomorrow? Fuse ERP and Cloud: It wasn’t long ago when the industry leaders were widely under the impression the enterprise IT cloud package and enterprise resource planning (ERP) were two non-associative domains. However, the change has occurred due to the inclusion of SaaS and cloud applications into the mainframe of enterprise…

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Technology Trends Applicable to Meetings and Events

Advancement in technology is a never ending process. New technological applications are making their presence felt in meetings, events and trade shows. Mentioned below are a few of the recent technology trends: Availability of Applications For Free or at a Low Price – Ray Kurzweil, a top futurist stated that “Information technologies of all types…

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