BlackBerry lost its glory to iPhone and Android

Finally what seemed like a ‘never-ending’ debate among the tech-obsessed pundits’ worldwide, recent survey findings says it all, loud and clear- iPhone has triumphed over the long-reigning enterprise king, RIM’s BlackBerry.

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After surveying around 2,300 enterprise professionals, iPass the renowned enterprise mobility provider for its quarterly report on Mobile workforce found that iPhone has topped with a 45% market share among the mobile business crowd that was pegged at 31% in 2010.

Slipping on to second position was the BlackBerry with a 32% share making up the mobile workforce market, slightly dropping from its 35% share seen last year. To some industry experts, BlackBerry’s tumultuous condition comes as no surprise, since Android and iPhone seems to be creating all the rage overshadowing BlackBerry handsets.

According to the notion of iPass, the current setback of BlackBerry is definitely not indicating that it is losing out on its market share, instead it is testifying how its contemporaries are growing in number as well as popularity.

iPass President and CEO Evan Kaplan reportedly admitted in the report, “While increasing iPhone usage in the workplace was inevitable, this is the tipping point when the iPhone has overcome the BlackBerry on its traditional enterprise turf, and business smartphones are in the hands of nearly every knowledge worker, Today’s mobile employees are critical to the success of every enterprise, contributing 240 more work hours a year than their non-mobile counterparts. Connectivity is essential because work is no longer where you go but what you do.”

RIM’s BlackBerry- Slithering off market share to Google’s Android and Apple’s iPhone based handsets:

Google’s Android platform also showed some applauding progress rising up from its 2010 market share of 11.3% to 21.3%. Nokia was ranked fourth with 7.4%, dropping down from its leading position last year at 12.4%. Talking about the overall smartphone use, around 95% mobile employees own smartphones that is a 10% leap from the 2010 statistics. Out of these 95% mobile workforce crowds, 91% incorporate mobile devices for performing professional tasks and that is certainly a significant rise from the 69%, recorded during the 2010 survey report.

The survey report further stated that around 18% respondents are planning to purchase Apple devices in 2012, 11.2% to buy Android devices, 3.6% purchasing Microsoft Windows smartphones and just a meager 2.3% in favor of BlackBerry. About 63% enterprises are offering employees wide selections in smartphones while 42% workers meet smartphone expenses on their own, paving way for the raging trend of BYOD or Bring Your own Device for professional use.

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