Be Cool…be an e-Learner !!!

I often stop to think if Internet has left no sphere of our life untouched then how and what has it added to the education scenario in India. I would say it got a major boost up since the advent of Internet in India. The students can now refer to Wikis and numerous blogs and get information …thanks to Web 2.0. Just when the institutions were looking for a flexible mode of imparting knowledge, e-learning came into being. It has broken lot many barriers which the traditional education systems have.

Having accepted the fact that e-learning has a huge potential in terms of improving the education system in India, I started out to get hold of as many reasons I could to back up my faith in e-learning. When I say e-learning can bring a revolutionary change in terms of how we look at education in India, I mean it with all its functionalities and tools have given us space to think, how and what do we like our students to learn.

I would like to share some of the points I have realized in this respect…

  • We seldom find that the difference between what we are learning and what our parents did is big. Automatically a question pops up…hasn’t anything changed since our parents were students! The world is changing fast and so are all the existing theories and principals. So, the syllabus needs to be updated but the problem lies in the stagnancy that we find in the traditional education system. Thankfully, the education boards in India have recognized the need of updating their course structure and providing them online. Now we can expect an interesting learning experience.
  • New opportunities are coming our way for which special trainings are required. Why would India lag behind in this term? The students can now choose from the wide range of specialized courses provided by various colleges, companies and universities which are available online, accessible from every corner of the globe.
  • The introduction of numerous IT tools has made learning easier and effective for the students and e-learning in India has it all.
  • No part of country shall be left…education programs can now be availed by the students living in the interiors of the country since Internet connection has reached these places.
  • The regular updated courseware and its presentation promise to improve the standard and quality of education in India.
  • Isn’t education all about once development in terms of his/her personality and its attributes? Well, e-learning takes care that the students study the way they want without feeling the peer pressure hence, enabling an all round developement. There are methodologies and courseware which have been developed keeping in mind the individual necessity of all students.
  • The regular correspondence courses are generally boring as physical books are just used by the students for reading and getting over with the assignments. The students have no activities to participate in hence, the entire procedure become dull. I believe, there is no use of studying if you don’t find it interesting! E-learning is the answer to this issue. The interactive and interesting courseware an syllabus include quizzes, videos, knowledge games and lot more which, makes learning an interesting activity.
  • Visuals, videos and images add to the fun of e-learning. Just think how interesting it would be see various science experiments on screen while studying physics!
  • One can get certificates of the universities of their own choice, from all over the world in affordable prices sitting at home! E-learning has reduced physical boundaries. You just have to register and the courseware, syllabus and materials would reach you. Your dreams now will come true as never before!

Traditional system of learning is undoubtedly is the base of Indian education but I feel e- learning is its future. The traditional and new system shall blend together to make a bright future for the India professionals.

I hope to have this up and running smoothly by week three.

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