Asia ready for Internet Marketing!

Internet has brought over a wind of change in the marketing industry. The west is doing well and Asia is gaining steady pace in this respect. Some of the Asian countries are expected to grow remarkably by the end of 2008 in terms of Internet marketing. Let’s have a look at what the facts are pointing to…

Singapore is expected to lead the chart with 62% of all businesses going online for marketing. India will be following close with 60% of business promoting themselves online. Then comes China, Australia, Thailand, Hong Kong, Taiwan, Japan, Indonesia and South Korea. When we talk Internet marketing in Asia, we can’t afford to forget the strong presence of traditional media in here which is the strongest platform of marketing in Asia. So, if Internet marketing has to survive here it has to combat the traditional forms of media.

And there is more to it…though India and China are expected to rule the sphere of Internet marketing in India, it is also expected that Internet marketing in these countries would hardly account for 2.5% of the entire media spent, despite the web 2.0 boom in these countries. There are some facts that maybe considered as hindrances in this respect.

Due to the low Internet spend in countries like Singapore, South Korea and Japan (which is only 3.5% of the total media spend in here), online marketing generally produces low return thus, preventing continuous investment in the field.

Indonesia and Thailand are yet to gain pace in terms of marketing online as traditional media in these countries are pretty strong.

Speaking of the technologically advanced countries like Japan and South Korea…Internet marketing is good here but even here they have to face the constant challenge of combating the dominance of display ads on various sites.

Well, in spite of everything we are more than positive about the success of Internet marketing in Asia and know that it would be adapted by more and more businesses in Asia for meeting their marketing demands.

One of the reflections is by one of my longtime virtual friends, kevin hodgson, who has been part of the slice of life story challenge since the very beginning.

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