Are the Shopping Carts Full?

I came across an article that talked about shopping carts and their abandonment by the shoppers. I wondered how this could help me keep track of the user behavior and their reaction to different e-commerce portals. Then I came to know that keeping a track of shopping cart abandonment and the reasons for it helps a lot in terms of understanding the user behavior and a metric which all the online stores should be aware of.

Now look, a user might not buy the things he/she has put in the shopping cart and stop before completing the purchasing process. It has been noticed that in most of the cases users stop even before the purchasing process is completed that is after the things have been added to the shopping cart. This happen due to various reasons which have been the subject of many researches conducted till date.

Studies have proved that the general shopping cart abandonment rate is around 60 to 80%. For someone who is in the business, the first thing should be trying to find out the reasons behind these incidents. Well, to keep this write up going, I will state few of the possible reasons behind shopping cart abandonment that have come out as the result of latest surveys

  • High Shipping cost: This has emerged to be one of the major reasons for shopping cart abandonment. 69% of the total shoppers who fail to complete the purchasing process come under this section. Shoppers usually complain that they come to know the shipping costs not until they reach the final step. This is when they empty their shopping carts and decide against buying online.
  • Change of mind: Most of the shoppers are not confident enough about online shopping. They usually tend to change their minds after they put items in their shopping carts. 61% of the total shoppers who don’t finish the buying process online are the ones who find it difficult to decide if they really want to buy things online.
  • Comparative buying: There are shoppers who rather than sticking to one single website like to compare the prices of the products in various e-commerce portals. As the prices vary from portal to portal, the shoppers tend to give up the merchandises in their other shopping carts for the one they feel is the best bargain.
  • Total cost: Sometimes shoppers lose track of what they have put in the shopping carts and afterwards find the total cost of the merchandises to be too high including the shipping and service costs and hence, they have to give up buying those things. 49% of shoppers has been tracked doing this.
  • Saving items: 47% of the total shoppers save the items in their shopping carts for later use and thus these items tend to be there for indefinite time later to be discarded by either the shopper or the website.
  • Long Checkout: 44% of total number of shoppers feels that the check out process in most of the e-commerce portals is too long and time consuming. They hence, give up in the middle of the checking out process and discard the purchase. 27% of shoppers give it up as they find the checking out process to be too confusing and troublesome.
  • Out of stock: 39% of shoppers have experienced that the products they have added to their shopping carts are out of stock. This leaves them with no option but to empty their shopping cart.
  • Personal information: Almost all of the e-commerce portals ask for too many personal details which 35% of the shoppers are reluctant to give out. This is why they tend to retreat and discard the items in their shopping carts.
  • Long downloading time: Poor site navigation and long download times are the two reasons which prevent almost 31% of the total online shoppers to stop purchasing online. It concerns a lot of patience and time which the shoppers don’t want to give to it.
  • Insufficient information: 31% of the total shoppers feel that most of the e-commerce portals don’t have adequate information on the products or contact details. They don’t find this interesting and thus don’t even try to purchase things.
  • Registration: Most of the e-commerce sites ask the customers to register before they go any further which the shoppers don’t want to do. 23% of shoppers quit even before they register.
  • Delivery time: 17% of e-shoppers find the delivery time provided in the websites to be unclear. They back up due to this uncertainty in terms of delivery of the product.
  • Order tracking options: 16% of shoppers feel that there should be order tracking options which would interest them all the more to buy online.
  • Gifts and discounts: 11% of these shoppers feel that online shopping could be more interesting to them if they are provided with more discount offers and gifts.

The above stated reasons are to be taken into consideration if you want to make your e-commerce portal successful. After all it’s all about making the shoppers buy the things they have in their shopping carts.

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